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What type of valve is good for high flow?

Concentric ring valve

What are the three types of connecting rods?



Articulating or king rod

Which two valves have a feature that cushions the sealing element as it moves?

Dampened disc

Channel valve

Which principal talks about the relationship between the velocity and pressure of a half lowing through a pipe

Brinpulles principal

On a singe acting compressor what components from the barrier between the gas side and the oil side

Compression and oil rings

How would the compression ring end gap be measured?

By placing the ring in the cyl and measuring the gap with a feeler gauge

What category does a single acting compressor for into?

Positive displacement

What is the basic principal behind the dynamic compressor

It increases the velocity of the air and then in the piping, as the air slows down, the pressure increases

In order for gas to flow what must there be?

Pressure differential

What measurements does the channel valve need?




What is the dowel or tab on the connecting rod bearing shells?

To stop the shell from rotating in the bore

What should the clearance between the piston and the head of the cyl be set to?

1/3 near crankcase

2/3 at the head

What are the 2 sub classifications of positive compressors

Rotary and reciprocating

What is the relationship between kinetic and potential energy called?

The law of conservation of energy

What is valve lift

The distance the sealing element moves from open to close

Describe valve flutter

Flutter is a condition where the sealing element rebounds off the valve seat

If the compressor is compressing a hazardous gas what type of distance piece is used?

Two compartment

What type of piston is used in the single acting compressor?

Trunk type

At seal level the atmospheric pressure is 14.7 psia. What causes this pressure?

The weight of the air in the atmosphere

How is the labyrinth compressor different from the double acting compressor?

It has labyrinth seals on the piton instead of rings and also has a guide bushing for the piston rod

What are the two main classifications of compressors

Dynamic and positive displacement

What is the purpose of the crosshead?

To align the piston rod through the packing

Describe a vacuum

A vacuum is a condition where the pressure inside a container is less than the pressure outside the container

What component in the distance piece forms a barrier between the lubrication and the cyl

Wiper rings

What is the function of the packing in a double acting compressor

Prevent leakage of compressed gas along the piton rod

Why should the cyl be measured at multiple locations

To check for taper, out of round, hour glass shape

Unless otherwise stated the marks on the packing face ...

The pressure side

Which packing ring does the majority of the sealing in a single acting ring set

Tangent cut ring

What two things can be measured with a bump check?

Axial and radial clearance

Define clearance volume and what's it's for

Space between the piston and the head when the piston is at TDC. It prevents the piston from contacting the head

What is the purpose of the back up ring in the packing set

To provide support to the tangent and radial cut ring

What should be done on a lubrication or cooling system after they have been serviced?

Prime and clear out air pockets

What are the two things that can be done to balance the reciprocating forces in the compressor

Opposing throws or counter weights or lighten components

What is the order of the packing sets in the packing case starting at the flange side

-double acting set

-single acting set

-pressure breaker

What component on a compressor helps increase efficiency and is located in between the stages


If the clearance volume is increased with the VVCP, what will happen to the output of the compressor

The output volume will decrease

When comparing start stop unloading to inlet valve unloading, which will be more common on large compressors?

Inlet valve unloading

Where should the pressure reliefs valve be located on a compressor system

Between the compressor/cylinder and any part that could be blocked off (between anything that builds pressure and anything that can block it)

If the lubrication system pressure drops, what could be the cause

Bearing wear causing the clearances to open up

What can be done to check if the bearing supports on the frame are all inline with each other

Wire alignment

What are two types of lubrication systems on a single acting compressor

Splash, splash and pressure, splash and gravity, and full pressure

What is the proper procedure before working on a compressor that is pumping sour gas?

Permits, purge, shutdown, vent, lockout then test for operation

Card # 51


What are three things that can cause bearing failure?

-lack of or improper lube


-improper installation

-excessive rod loading

- corrosion

-acid formed in the compressed air

Measuring the web deflection of the crank shaft will tell us what?

If the crank shaft is straight or not

Where would a rigid be used?

The rigid hone is to make the cyl walls parallel to each other

Why are the packing and wipers designed to be full floating?

To allow movement due to thermal expansion rod wear packing wear and packing rotation

What can be done to the cyl to ensure the frame and distance piece are not supporting its weight?

They can be supported to a specific preload to compensate for thermal growth

What is a disadvantage of a pump to point system

Each individual pump requires its own shut down device

Which type of cyl is most common in industrial compressors

Dry liner cyl

High turbulent flow down a length of a pipe will cause what?

Pressure drop

What part is often cast as part if the main frame?

Crankshaft main bearings

Damaged suction valves will cause what symptoms in a compressor?

-increasing noise


-discharge temp is higher

A paper element removed particles down to what size?

3 microns

What is responsible for converting rotary motion to reciprocating motion?

The crankshaft and con rod

What is the main purpose of the crosshead?

Centre to piston rod in the packing