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What was the immediate cause of WWI?

assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria

What were the long-term causes of WWI?

Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, Nationalism

Who was the U.S. President during WWI?

Woodrow Wilson

Who was the British Prime Minister during WWI?

David Lloyd George

T/F: The U.S. joined WWI in 1914, as soon as it started.


Which country switched from Central Powers to Allies after declaring war on Austria-Hungary?


What country dropped out of WWI due to a revolution and lack of supplies in their country?


What Serbian terrorist group did assassin Gavrilo Princip belong to?

Black Hand

T/F: The Western Front became the deadliest area of WWI because of trench warfare.


T/F: In the beginning, most people believed the war would be over in a few weeks.


What was the area between the trenches called?

No-man's land

What are some new weapons used in WWI?

Fighter planes, subs, tanks, machine guns, poison gas

What ship was sunk by German U-Boats in 1915 that resulted in 128 American deaths?


When did WWI officially end with an armistice?

November 18, 1918

T/F: The U.S. ratified the Treaty of Versailles and joined the League of Nations.


Who took the place of men in the factories, offices, shops, farms, etc., when they went to war?


Who were the "Big Four" countries at the Paris Peace Conference?

United States, France, Great Britain, Italy

Why was Article 231 of the Treaty of Versailles called the War Guilt Clause?

It forced Germany to accept responsibility for starting WWI

T/F: Germany and the other defeated countries were allowed to attend the Paris Peace Conference.


How did the Treaty of Versailles punish Germany?

reduced military, cut air force and subs, forced to give up territory, pay reparations to Allies, sign War Guilt Clause


aggressively preparing for war; exercising military power

What were the Central Powers called before the war began?

Triple Alliance

What were the Allied Powers called before the war began?

Triple Entente

Central Powers

alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire

Allied Powers

alliance between Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, and later, the United States

Schlieffen Plan

Germany's plan to fight a two-front war with France and Russia

trench warfare

both sides dig deep ditches and fight; Western front becomes a stalemate because of this; terrible conditions

unrestricted submarine warfare

German U-Boats sink ships without warning

total war

all parts of society are involved in the war effort


system often used during war times where you receive a limited amount of goods


information put out by the government to get you to support going to war

Fourteen Points

Woodrow Wilson's plan for peace


let people in an area decide what type of government they have

Treaty of Versailles

treaty that ended WWI; punished Germany

League of Nations

international organization created by Wilson to promote peace

When did the U.S. join WWI?


What was WWI called before WWII?

The Great War