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What allowed for the growth and support of cities and the development of urban culture starting in the fourth millennium BC?

rich agricultural bse (fertile land)

What did citizens of the newly formed cities of the ancient world think about their cities?

that they were the greatest of human achievements

In what region did the semi nomadic herdsment live?

palestine or Canaan - northeast of Egypt and west of Mesopotamia

How did Semi nomadic herdsmen view the following: cities' kings, their own clan leaders?

A) opressive tyrants

B) fatherlike leaders

C) emblem of human pride (rightly destroyed by God)

How did Babylonians view the following: their city, tower of bable?

A) Cornerstone of Civilization

B)meeting place of gods and mortals, a temple

What did the polytheistic societies those who worshipped many gods develop?

elaborate patheons of gods and godesses

What were each of the gods and goddesses associated with?

particular city, natural force, or animal

In the Near East as in medieval and early modern Europe, noble and espeically royal women could do what?

wield substantial power

In Hebrew wisdom tradition, wisdom itself - a femal noun in Hebrew, hokmah - came to be personifed as what?

prime agent of God's guiding power

What book contained the only ancient Near Eastern literature that anyone could read for nearly two thousand years?

The Bible

The text explains that the term Near East was coined by the 19th centuryarcheologists and scholars who sought out and deciphered these works. The people themselves, for example the residents of cities like Bablylon and Thebes, typically though of themselves as living where?

in the center of the world

What were the earliest writings in the Greek world written on?

clay tablets

Who were the Minoans?

indigenous people of Crete

Who were the Mycenaeans?


When were tales like the Iliad, Odyssey, and Oedipus first writeen down?

18th century

From whom did the Greeks borrow an alphabet and what did they add to it to create a concise writing system that serves as the basis of our modern Roman alphabet?

The Phoenicians, vowels

What does Hesoid's Tjepgpmu tell the story of?

succession of gods

In addition to may gods and goddesses what else does Greek polytheism encompass?

many forms of worship including animal sacrafice, ecstatic dancing, and ritualized sexual intercourse

Some of the most beautiful poems, before there were poems in a purely literary sense are what?

hymns in celebration or praise of the gods

What is a polis?