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Rome was a record-keeping society setting down on what?

laws, treaties, and copious oratory correspondence

While historiograhpy developed a distinctly Roman form, epic remained self-counciously indebted to what?

Greek antecedents

What were the years of Caesar Augustus's, formerly Octavian, reign?

27 BCE to 14 BCE

The restrictions of Augustus's rule seemed to many a small price to pay for what?

ending hundreds of years of civil strife

49 BC saw the end of reforms and grabs for power with the dictatorship of who?

Julius Caesar

Caesar's power was based in his army, reputation, and most notably his subjugation of what place?

Gaul (present day France)

When a group of senators assassinated Caesar in 44 BC, war broke out among his heirs and rivals. Who did his adopted son, Octavian, defeat at the battle Actium in 31 BC?

Mark Antony and Cleopatra

The Roman empire was a complex combination of what two aspects?

military prowess and political savvy

The Roman legions fought with disciplined efficiency however, defeated peoples retained what?

fair measure of autonamy

While roads to allow rapid movement of persons and good between Rome and the provinces, what three aspects were local people allowed to preserve.

languages, customs, and religions

The borders of Rome extended to what?

Scotland in the British Isles, Rhine and Dubane Rivers in Europe, Mediterranean from Gaul, Spain, North Africa, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Asia Minor, Greece, and the Balkins

The need for military support would contribute to what?

the eventual fall of Rome

The empire endured by name until what event?

the fall of Constantinople

In what year and from what even did the Romans themselves consider the empire to have ended?

410 when Alaric led his Goths into Rome

Who converted to Christianity and inaugurated the spread of Christianity through western Europe?

emporer Constantine

What is the Vulgate

enduring Latin translation of the bible

By the middle of the ninth century, Rome had how many inhabitants left?