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This new way of thinking about life and death produced writings like the Upanishads that created a wide range of spiritual masters on the margins of or outside the Vedic world. Cheif among these was?

Siddhartha Gautama Shakyamuni, the Buddah or Awakended One

What were the doctines of Buddha and what social practices were new?

distinctive forms of meditation, establishing a monastic community

While China may not be the earliest civilization in human history is has been what?

the longest lasting civilization

According to material evidence and historical documents China can be traced back in time how many years?


What tworivers show evidence of Neolitich cultures?

Yellow River and Yangzi River

Historical records began with which dynasty and in approximately what year?

Shang 1550 BCE

The Zhou people took power in what year?

1040 BCE

What two aspects did the Shang and Shou people have in common?

agrarian people and maintaining strong commitment to worshipping their ancestors

What type of trube succeeded in sacking the Zhou in 770 BCE?


Confucious, a native son of Lu which was most closely indentified with ancient Zhou tradition believed the remedy for contemporary troubled lay in what?

look up

Who was the first emperor of China?

King of Qin

The first emperor of China adopted the advice of Han Fei, what was his advice?

that only the power of the power - of laws, rewards, and punishments - could order the state

The Qin Dynasty only lasted from 221-206 BC and which new dynasty was established?

Han Dynasty

During the Han Dynasty, what school of thought replaced Han Fei's?


Each of the following is one of the Five Classical Texts, and each is in some way connected to Confucius. Explain what each text is about and how it is connected to Confucius.

too long - read on sheet

As Confucius looked back to the early Zhou; so all later dynasties would look back to the Han as the embodiment of what?

imperial and cultural unity

According to tradition who founded Rome in 753 BC?

Romulus and Remus

Whose 12th century arival did the historian Livy and the poet Virgil claim was the genesis of the Roman people?

Aeneas, a Trojan hero

What are the double identities of Rome?

grounded in mores maiorum and cosmopolitan center of the world

Who ended the Roman republic in 27 BC?

Augustus Caesar