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Nomadic people who lived in the steppes of Central Asia. Under Genghis Khan, they cast an empire stretched from the Pacific ocean to Eastern Europe
Mongols Part 2:
The Mongols were first mentioned by the Chinese during the Tang dynasty: First it referred to a small and insignificant tribe whose confederation had been destroyed by the Jurchen attacks. After a civil war the Mongols became so fragmented no more Khan
Genghis Khan:
was born when the steppe was in chaos and he entered tribal politics at the age of 16; He married Borte, aged 14, and later named empress. When Temujin was nine a Mongol clan poisoned her father at the age 15 Temujin was taken prisoner
Mongolian Conquests:
Genghis Kahn imposed strict military discipline and demanded absolute loyalty. His highly trained, mobile armies had some of the most skilled horsemen in the world. Used cannons and other new weapons to attack walled cities
China Under Mongol Rule:
Kublai Khan, Ghengis' grandson, overthrew the Song Empire. Wanted to prevent being absorbed into Chinese traditions. Only Mongols could serve in the military and the highest governments jobs for Mongols and named it the Yuan Dynasty
Marco Polo:
Italian Merchant who visited China during the Yuan Dynasty. Left a vivid account of the wealth and splendor of China. His report sparked European interests in riches of Asia
The End of Yuan:
In the 1330s, rebellions arose in several regions in south and central China. The reasons the Chinese rose against the Mongols were: Institutionalized racism- keeping the Chinese inferior. The Mongols were driven back to Mongolia founder Ming Dynasty
Zheng He:
Early Ming rulers proudly sent Chinese fleets into distant waters to show the glory of their government.
The most extraordinary of these overseas ventures were the voyages of the Chinese admiral and diplomat Zheng He