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In what city states did Renaissance start?
western europe
what great artist painted the last supper & Mona lisa
Leonardo da Vinci
which Renaissance artist sculpted the pieta, and painted the ceiling of the Sistine chapel at Vatican
Michelangelo Buonarroti
Who developed calculus and the laws of gravitation
Isaac Newton
who was put on trial and threatened with execution for advocating the heliocentric model of the solar system
Where were Jews in Venice ordered to live
in separate quarter of the city called ghetto
Why was the church of England
Henry took the English church from the pope becuz he wouldn't anul his marriage.
How did Portuguese explorer Bartholomew Dias seek a sea route to asia in 1460
the cape of good hope
tip of Africa
Why did Ferdinand and Isabella sponsor Christopher Columbus
it increased their Authority
What was the northwest passage
a route from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific through the Arctic islands
what were dutch expositions different from those of other countries
They established permanent footholds throughout the contient
After 1521 what was the link to spains overseas trade network
the Philippines
From where did the word slave come from?
comes from the large number taken from southern Russia
Why did Africans resist Portuguese exploration in the interior of africa
bc, they wanted to Control the gold trade.
what did the Chinese demand in trade from the Portuguese
payment in gold or silver
why did Korea adopt a policy of isolationism
because they were devastated by two invasions
when did the Columbian Exchange begin
what was important as winning land to the Spanish
controlling trade
what was the middle passage
the leg of the triangular trade route on which slaves were transported from Africa to America
in what ways did enslaved Africans resist
escape assume recaptured
describe the Spanish colonial social classes
at the top where peninsularies they filled the highest position next was the Creoles they owned most of the plantations and mines . the lowest class was the mestizos and mulattoes.
essay, question
explain what Martin Luther did about his frustrations with the Catholic Catholic Church
he doesn't even more radical new doctrines. before long he was urgent Christians to rejected thority of room he wrote that the church could only be performed by secular or non church authorities.
essay questions