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The Most Gracious
it is the active participle noun in the measure of fa'lan which conveys the idea of fullness and extensiveness.

(first seen in Al Fatiha)
it is in the measure of fa'il which denotes the idea of constant repetition and giving.

(first seen in Al Fatiha)
Relationship, i.e. nearness of kin, connection by birth; relationship connecting with an ancestor. A connection or tie of relationship.
wombs, i.e. place of origin. The receptacle of the young in the belly
He favored, benefited, pardoned, or forgave him. To love, have tenderness, mercy, pity, forgiveness, have all that is required for exercising beneficence.
To praise

(first seen in Al Fatiha)
to be a lord and master, collect, possess/owner, rule, increase, complete, bring up, preserve, chief, determiner, provider, sustainer, perfecter, rewarder, creator, maintainer, reposer of properties, developer, former of rules and laws of the growth, foster a thing in such a manner as to make it attain one condition after another until it reaches its goal or completion
(first seen in Al Fatiha)
of the universe,
to mark/sign/distinguish, creations/beings, world, science/learning/knowledge/information, aware/know. By means of which one knows a thing, hence it signifies world or creation, because by it the Creator is known
(first seen in Al Fatiha)
Scholar, one who is learned/ wise or knows
To rule/command/reign, be capable, to control, power/authority, king, kingdom

(first seen in Al Fatiha)
day, era, time, today, this/ that day, age/ period of time.

(first seen in Al Fatiha)
يَوْمِ ألدِّين
The Day of Judgement

(first seen in Al Fatiha)
obedience/ submissiveness, servility, religion, high/elevated/noble/glorious rank/ condition/state, took/receive, a loan or borrowed upon credit, become indebted, in debt, under the obligation of a debt, contract a debt, repay/ reimburse a loan, rule/govern/manage it, possess/own it, become habituated/ accustomed to something, confirmation, death (because it is a debt everyone must pay), a particular law/ statute, system, custom/ habit/ business, a way/ course/ manner of conduct/ acting, repayment/ compensation.

(first seen in Al Fatiha)
You alone

(first seen in Al Fatiha)
To worship, serve, worship, adore, venerate, accept the impression of a thing, obey with submissiveness or humility, approve, apply, devote, obedience, slave, keep to inseparably, subdue, assemble together, enslave

(first seen in Al Fatiha)
to seek help

(first seen in Al Fatiha)
to guide/direct to the way, take/follow right way/course, rightly guided/ directed, a way/ course/method/mode/manner of conduct. Gift
a path which is even, wide enough and can be trodden without difficulty, A road/way/path, A long Sword
The straight way

(first seen in Al Fatiha)
(to) Those

(First seen in Al Fatiha)
Who, Which, That
You have bestowed your favors
نَعِمَ :ن ع م
To lead an easy and comfortable life, to enjoy the comforts and convenience of life, be joyful, comforts/ delights.
Not of

Bring, convey, benefit, bestowed upon; alter or change a thing for the worse, corrupted, tainted, infected, render it ill-smelling; adjusting, repairing; difference between two persons; become jealous; procure;
An object of anger

(first seen in al Fatiha)
Those who earned wrath, Those who institutionalize a place of earning Anger.
On themselves
Of those who go astray.

ض ل ل
strayed, Erred, or went astray. deviated from the right way or course. Missed or lost the right way. Lost something but does not know its place. Confounded or perplexed and unable to see the right course. become hidden, unperceived, concealed, absent, or escaped. Went away. Lost state of persishing, coming to naught, or passing away. Confusion, perplixity, and inability to see the right course. Skill in guiding, or directing aright in journeying. One with whom is no good. Water running beneath a rock, or among trees, which the sun does not reach. Ragged land or ground, a hard and stony place.

(imperative order)

ق و ل
to say/speak, to call, to be named, word/speech, utterance, a thing said, greeting, discourse, one who says/ speaks. To inspire/transmit/relate/answer/think/profess, emit an opinion on, indicate a state or condition or circumstance.
speaker, indicator
I seek refuge
to seek refuge
in the Lord or with the Lord
ر ب ب
to be a lord and master, collect, possess/ owner, rule, increase, complete, bring up, preserve, chief, determiner, provider, sustainer, perfecter, rewarder, creator, maintainer, reposer of properties,developer, former of rules and laws of growth, foster a thing in such a manner as to make it attain one condition after another until it reaches its goal of completion.
(of) mankind
ن و س
to swing, halt in a place, move toss. Mankind, people, others, men
To serve, worship or adore; to protect, grant refuge, perserve save, rescue, liberate; object of worship ie god
God, the one true God applied as a proper name denoting the true god, comprising all the excellent divine names; a unity comprising all the essences of existing things.

to do evil, be ill natured, wicked.
to find fault, defame
evil, bad, wicked, vicious ones. (It is noteable shurrun is an exception form of elative adjective while the measure for elative in Arabic is afa'la.)
sparks of fire
to whisper
To retreat/ recede/drawback, retire or hold back, lag behind, shrink and hide/withdraw oneself, remain behind a company of people (as opposed to going with them), sneak something away (so as not to be seen), keep one back, place one behind or after, contract/ draw together.
heart/ breast/ chest, mind, prominent place
ص د ر
To return from, come back, proceed, issue or emanate from, go forward, advance or promote, come to pass, happen, emanate from, strike on the chest/ breast, commence. Anything that fronts, or faces one; hence breast, chest or bosom [often meaning his mind]. The fore part of anything. Going or turning back and away.
veiled/concealed/covered/hid/protected (e.g. cloth, armour, grave, shield), invisible, become dark/ posessed, darkness of night, bereft of reason, mad/ insane/ unsound in mind/ intellect, confusedness. Become thick/ full-grown/ blossom, herbage, garden. Spiritual beings that conceal themselves from the senses (including angels), become weak and abject, greater part of mankind, devil/ demon, people who are peerless having no match or equal, a being who is highly potent, sometimes refers to Kings because they are concealed from the common folk.
the dawn
it became split/ cleft/ cloven/ cracked, divided it lengthwise, fissure, longitudinal division, daybreak/ dawn, uttered/ performed what was admirable/ wonderful, to strive/ exert, become big/ bulky/ fat/ plump, whole creation, all beings/ things that are created, a piece/ fragment broken off, the cleaver
to create

to measure or proportion a thing, to form or make according to proper measure, bring into existence according to a certain measure, originate or produce after a pattern or model which one has devised, bring into existence from a state of non-existence (create out of nothing), to fabricate or forge a speech or saying, to make a thing equitable or even, make a thing smoth, to be probable or likely to happen (or likely to be or happen, or to have happened or been), act towards someone according to that person's nature, wear out a thing and make it old, to be fit/ competent/ suitable/ proper, to be complete or perfect in respect of make or proportion, have an innate natural disposition/ temperment/ quality
darkness, the night; shed tears, poured water; intense coldness; water/ thnk purulent matter that flows or drips; intensely red (applied to she-camel)
to spread

to set, come upon, overspread, disappear (sun or moon), enter
to whisper (evil suggestions), below designed, occult endeavours, suggest a thing into the heart, inspire or whisper into the mind, puff/ blow without spitting (e.g. blowing on knots), eject from the mouth, enchanting
ع ق د
to tie in a knot, make a knot, strike a bargain, contract, make a compact, enter into an obligation, bind, judgement, consideration of one's affairs, management, promise of obedience or vow of allegiance
To envy, grudge
one, anyone, make/call it one, unity, anyone/anything
to set up, erect a thing, adorn, wish, repair, strike
chief, lord, eternal, one to whom obedience is rendered, one to whom recourse is had, one who is independent, everything goes back to him as its source
to beget, to be born
ك و ن
to be, exist, happen, occur, take place, become, be such or so, is

ك ف أ
to equal, compare
to perish,
suffer loss, diminution, become beaten/trodden/lost, become old, perished, perdition, death, weakened/impaired, to cut-off, curtail, be doomed, destruction/loss/ruin
hands, to touch, aid, do good, be beneficent, show power and superiority, a hand. By his agency/ means. With a willing hand, out of hand, having financial ability. In acknowledgement of the superior power, in ready money and not in the form of deferred payment, considering it as a favor, on account of help, (payment should be made by the hand of the parties themselves without the intervention of a third party without reluctance.
father/ grandfather/ ancestor, fathership/paternity, to nourish/ feed/ rear, bring up
To blaze fiercely/ intensely, inflame, burn with anger, Ardour of fire, flame, fiery tempered person. A cleft/ fissure in a mountain
to avail, to prosper
غ ن ي
free from wants, having no wants, in a state of competence or sufficiency or rich or wealthy; dwelt, abode; sing, chanted, eulogized, satirized
to be abundant in wealth, possess an abundance of property
to earn, to gain, acquire, seek after, gather (riches), do, commit, earn

ص ل ي
to burn

to warm at the fire, endure heat, to roast/ fry/ broil/ burn
fire, flame, heat, war, light, shine, sparkle, irritate, vex or provoke war.
It (food) was wholesome or approved in its result, easy to swallow, not attended by trouble, quick in digesting, light to the stomach, to descend well, to be salubrious in its air (land), in the habit of doing what is approved and shunning what is held base, preserve the soul from filthy actions, to be possessed of manly perfection or manly virtue or moral goodness, give food (on the occasion of building a house for marrying).
and his wife
ح م ل
bore it, carried it, took it up carried it, convey, show/ manifest, conceive.
aid/ assist, incites/ urges/ instigates, slander, collect (e.g. firewood), firewood, collector of firewood
to have a long neck, have a slender or beautiful neck.
tie/ fasten with rope, rope/cord, covenant, a thing by means of which one snares/ catches/ snares, obtaining an assurance/ promise of safety, snare, to entrap, to captivate, being pregnant/ full, bond, cause of union, link of connection, marriage, carotid artery, jugular vein, calamity/ misfortune, a fetus in the womb, grapevine, one who binds, crisped/ plaited/ rope-like hair (e.g. that of Ethiopians)
To twist a rope, twist a thing well, pursue or journey laboriously or with energy, hold on or continue a journey, render (person or animal) lean/ lank/ light of flesh/ slender, render one lank in the belly, also to render it firm, tall and slender, of goodly stature, compact of make (applied to a woman)
to come/ do, commit, (with preposition be) to bring, produce, to receive
to assist/ aid, succor, protect
to open, explain, grant, disclose, let out, give victory, conquer, judge, decide, ask for assistance/ judgement/ decision, seek succor/ victory.
to see/think/hold, in opinion of, perceive, judge, consider, know.
to enter, got in, passed, to penetrate, breach, break through, invade, come upon, visit, intrude, meddle, insert, introduce, to participate/ commence/ include/ take part, it became comprehended/ comprised in it, mix/ intermingle. Have intercourse with, go into (one's wife). Income/ revenue/ profit. confused/ badness/ unsound/ corrupt, vice, deceit/ guile/ circumvention. A select group of close associates. A place of entrance, gate, ingoing, instrument allowing entrance, key. Guest
to become fat/ bulky/ corpulent/ large.
multitudes, crowds
Then glorify
to swim, roll onwards, perform a daily course, float, the act of swimming, chain of business, those who are floating, went/ travel far, being quick/ swift. To praise/glorify/hollow/magnify, sing/celebrate praise, holy, declaring God to be far removed or free for every imperfection/impurity
to ask His forgiveness
protect, cover over, shield, forgive, pardon
to return; repent; turn one's self in a repentant manner (with ila or without it), turn with mercy (with ala), adapt,
to conceal, to cover, to reject, to disbelieve, to be thankless, unthankful, ungrateful, to disown, deny, faithless, black horse, dark night, tiller/farmer
for you
أَعْطَى ا
ع ط و
to give, to give a present, offer
to take, receive
To surpass in number or quantity, increase, multiply, happen often; To be much, many, numerous
صَلَّى ا
to pray, to bless

prayer, supplication, petition, oration, eulogy, benediction, commendation, blessing, honour, magnify, bring forth, follow closely, walk/follow behind closely, to remain attached. In a hourse race when the second horse follows the first one so closely that its head overlaps the first horses body that horse is called Al-musalli. Central portion of the back, portion from where the tail of an animal comes out, the rump.