Death Traditions Of World Religions

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The Death Traditions of World Religions
There is no questioning that all beings on Earth inevitably die, however; each global religion has their own traditions pertaining to life’s final chapter. As a matter of fact, there is no concrete knowledge of the after life. Each religion reflects their personal values and teachings through their beliefs of the events that follow death. While researching, I discovered that some religious beliefs are alike, some very different, and some intertwined with each other. The Catholic Church has a strong standing on what happens to souls once the body dies. Surprisingly, the religion of Islam has somewhat similar beliefs referring to “the Day of Judgment.” Finally, contrary to Catholicism and Islam, Hinduism
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Muslims believe in Allah, which means God. By using the word Allah indecent humans can call upon God individually. Allah “is beyond human imagination” , which means God, is so divine people cannot fathom qualities of him. Humans solely can understand Allah though his attributes. Allah maintains and brings all that is good to the world. Within the central text of Islam, the Quran, depicts death. Muslims think once the physical body is deceased and buried the soul lingers in the grave waiting for the resurrection. These spirits are waiting for Allah to release them to Heaven or Hell. When Allah returns to release all the souls they will face evaluation on their choices throughout life. “The Muslim ideas of Heaven and Hell are purely metaphorical.” The idea of Heaven and Hell are merely just figurative not a physical location one can travel. The determination of the soul’s final destination is dependent on the deeds done on earth. Those that do constant good deeds will be repaid with Paradise (heaven). On the other hand, those that are evil or malicious “will spend their time in Hell.” Additionally, not only will Muslims be held responsible when facing judgment on their actions but also on their thoughts. Moreover, female or male, they shall be acceding the best of their behavior. Islamic beliefs on death can be found in the

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