Essay On Christianity And Islam

Christianity and Islam's understanding of God

God is a higher form of life and spirit, which can be understood through the core beliefs of world religions and what they are based on. Christianity and Islam are two religions who both have a different understanding of God. Christianity and the Islamic faith are both religions that have a belief of a God, the almighty father. These religions are believers of monotheism, there is only one God which followers worship. Both Muslims and Christians worship of their religion are based on their core beliefs, which are both similar and different, but their beliefs lead to a different unique understanding of God.

Christianity was founded around the first century, following the teachings of Jesus. Christians
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Muslims and Christians both follow rules of their God, In Christianity the 10 commandments are followed to be a good Christian and the 5 pillars are mandatory to be followed in Islam. Both faiths have the belief of rules from God for all people. These rules are set in place to let worshipers have a relationship with God. Muslims and Christians both believe God connects to his followers through covenants. Jesus is believed in with the Islamic faith and Christianity, in Islam an example of this is in the Quran, "(Jesus) was a prophet, sent by Allah and born of the Virgin Mary, but not divine (Quran 5:17)." The Nicene Creed states that, "The second person of the Trinity and born of the Virgin Mary. "...true God from true God". Islam and Christianity both have an understanding of hell, this is supported by both of their holy bibles. In the Quran, "A place of torment and fire" (Quran 25:65, 104:6-7). In Islam hell is known as Jahannam, all sent to Jahannam do not have to spend the eternity of their afterlife there. In Christianity hell is known as a place of sinners, the Holy Bible states "A place of everlasting punishment for the unrighteous" (Matthew

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