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dynamic microphone
A relatively rugged microphone. Good for outdoor use. No battery. Fine for interviews.
condenser microphone
high-quality, sensitive microphone for critical sound pickup
ribbon microphone
high quality, highly sensitive microphone for critical sound pickup in the studio, usually for recording string instruments
pickup pattern of a microphone that can hear best from the front
pickup pattern of a microphone that can hear equally well from all directions
heart-shaped pickup pattern of a unidirectional microphone
a very narrow unidirectional pickup pattern with a long reach. the mic is also sensate to sounds coming directly from the back
pickup pattern
the territory around the microphone within which the mic can hear well
lavalier (lav)
a small microphone that is clipped to clothing
wind sock (wind jammer)
a mop like cloth cover that is put over the entire microphone to further reduce wind noise in outdoor use
acoustic foam rubber that is put over the entire microphone to cut down wind noise
a volume control that works by sliding a button horizontally along a specific scale. identical in function to a pot
a socket or receptacle for a connector
XLR connector
professional three-wire connector for audio cables
mini plug
small audio connector
RCA phono plug
connector for video and audio equipment
the postproduction manipulation of recorded sound
polar pattern
the two dimensional representation of the microphone pickup pattern
volume-unit (VU) meter
measures volume units, the relative loudness of amplified sound
shotgun microphone
a highly directional microphone often used on tv and movie sets and to capture outdoor sounds
line input
for relatively strong audio signals (from a video recorder or CD player)
mic input
for weak audio signals (like those coming from a microphone)
a sturdy, lightweight metal pole that can be extended
room tone
the silence recorded at a location where no dialogue is spoken
amplifies weak signals from the microphone/other sound sources and lets you control the sound volume and mix (combine) two or more sound inputs.
automatic gain control, it automatically adjusts the volume of the various sounds to optimal levels. it amplifies desirable sounds and noise indiscriminately
sound calibration
adjusting the recorder's volume meter so that it reads identical volume units as on the mixer or console VU meter
sound perspective
close up pictures are matched with relatively close sounds. long shots are matched with sounds that seem to come from farther way
sound continuity
the change in sounds from one angle/scenes to another must be corrected for continuity (hard to tell during shooting, obvious in studio)