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Disposal of UXO may be considered as what two separate parts

Disposal of incident

Final disposition

What is disposal of incident

Render safe procedures

And blow in place

What is final disposition

What is left after rendering a hazardous situation safe

What is the preferred method of disposal of UXO

BIP it in its original position

What is RSP

RSP is the removal of an item that would allow the munition to function (EOD only)

Until the it can be determined an object is not magnetically functioned what do you not take near it

Tools and equipment

What must you consider with unknown explosives

Most hazardous type,feature,condition

UXO ops require how many personnel

Minimum of two

What do not want to expose HE to

Any heat shock fire friction or rough handling

What are the two types of frag

Primary secondary

Movement safety means what

Don't move anything not the uxo or the material around it

How far do you need to keep your radio in regards to EMR saftey

Min 100 m

What are some mitigating things you can do when dealing with static safety

Ground your self

Wear non conductive clothing

When dealing with ejection safety what do you do

Remain clear of all hazards

What is piezoelectric or Lucky

Initiating element in many fuzes when mechanically stressed causes the uxo to detonate

What do you not want to stress when dealing with lucky and what do you want to observe

Don't stress the nose

Observe EMR and static safety precautions

What is the JET safety

Formed explosive charge with conical cavity in the nose

What should you assume jet munitioncontains

Piezoelectric crystal (lucky)

What is a down range haZard with Jet

Copperhead 5mile down range hazard

How does VT work

Radar waves sent out and reflected back from target

What must you observe with VT

Don't allow vehicles to pass in front

Observe EMR ,static

What is WT

Wait time...functioning of slow burning pyrotechnic fuzes

What are the wait times for pyrotechnic delay


What are the wAit time for projected electrical fuzes delay


What is the wt for guided missiles


What is the wait time for bomb fuses

24 hrs

How far upwind do you need to be for CHEM


How far away downwind of CHEM


What happens if you expose WP to air

It will reignite

What do you want to submerge WP in

In mud or wet sand

What should you consider with FIRE safety

Keep away from sparks

Some munitions contain pyrophoric liners

What is the clockwork safety

Machinery fuzing with gears and wheels to operate for a preset amount of time

What is COcked striker safety

Striker/firing pin that is held in the ready to fire position under spring tension

What is BT

Concealed and set to explode when unsuspecting person sets off its firing mechanisms

Where do you want to enter and exit when dealing with BT

Same cleared path

What are the do nots for magnetic

No movement of ferrous metal

Do not approach with metallic objects

Do not turn off power lines

Do not move uxo

What is Seismic

A sensors that can be used to detect very low frequency vibrations

What is acoustic

A sensor that is designed to be actuated by sound emitted from a specific target

What is the approach you want to use

45 deg angle from the rear

What does time on target minimize

Hazards to personal and equipment