Laboratory Safety Laboratory Rules

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These rules and instructions for the safety of the person who doing experiments in the laboratory and also others in the laboratory. Because one mistake can do a severe damage to lots of people. Because of that, following rules are very important to follow. [1][2][3]
1. “SAFETY FIRST” is the main thing. Use “COMMON SENSE” to avoid accidents.
2. Working and doing experiments alone in the laboratory is forbidden.
3. Everyone must wear approved safety goggles at all times.
4. Everyone must wear shoes (no sandals) at all times. Bare feet or open shoes (front or back) are forbidden in the laboratory.
5. All persons must wear lab coats at all times.
6. Do not eat, drink, or smoke in the laboratory.
7. Do not use open flames. (Burners, matches, etc.)
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Keep all chemicals off the skin and clothing, out of nose, mouth and eyes, and away from flames.
9. Everyone must confine Long hair and billowy clothing when in the laboratory.
10. The location and proper use of all laboratory safety equipment (including eyewash, safety shower, fire extinguisher, and telephone.) must be known properly.
11. In the event of an emergency each everyone should know how to exit the lab via two different exits.
12. All accidents, such as contact with chemicals, cuts, burns, or inhalation of fumes must be reported to an instructor immediately. Also any person who has, or who develops a medical condition must be notify immediately.
13. There must be enough working space to avoid
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Figure 5:Harmful symbol Harmful
A substance that may cause harm in some way.

Figure 6:Irritant symbol Irritant
This substance may cause irritation to the skin, eyes or inside the body.

Figure 7:Toxic symbol Toxic
A substance that is poisonous if swallowed or breathed in. Also it can go through the skin.

Figure 8:Biohazard symbol Biohazard
Living organisms that may cause infection.

Figure 9:Environmental hazard symbol Environmental Hazard
These substances pollute the environment.

Figure 10:Radiation symbol Radiation
Radioactive substance. It may damage cells and can cause

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