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He ran as a Dixiecrat in the presidential election of 1948
Strom Thurmond
He was the Republican candidate for the Presidency in 1948
Thomas E. Dewey
He delivered the Checkers speech that kept him on the Presidential ticket for 1952
Richard Nixon
He ran as the Democratic candidate twice against Eisenhower
Adali Stevenson
How did per capita income and real purchasing power change in the 1950's?
Both increased
Why did President Truman expect to lose the election of 1948?
He wasn't supported by the left or the right wings of the Democratic party
Eisenhower favored programs that
aided big business
Factors of suburban growth in the postwar period
the GI bill
the baby boom
mass produced homes
One effect of business expansion after WWII
shift from blue collar to white collar jobs
The Taft-Hartley Act was passed to
restrict labor strikes that threatened national interest
The beatniks of the 50's were
rebelling against conformity and traditional social patterns
Most American women in the 50's planned to become
full-time mothers
Eisenhower's administration's termination policy wanted to eliminate
segregation in Little Rock, Arkansas
President Truman used _____________ to prevent strikes that crippled the nation
the threat of the draft
The GI bill was designed to
ease transition from the military to civilian life
The polio vaccine
ended the worst health threat to children of the 1950's
Teen agers used this for relief from
the conformity of their families
Rock and Roll
Many Mexicans were allowed into the US through
the bracero program
Primary source of entertainment and information in the 1960's
the telephone
stereophonic sound, popular culture, three dimensional images, wide-angled images
film in the 1950's
I love Lucy, Father Knows Best, glorification of the American West
television of the 1950's
Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, roots in rhythm and blues
rock 'n' roll
beatniks, Jack Kerouac, nontraditional forms of poetry
Beat Movement
focus on specialized audiences, increase in advertising revenues, focus on local and community interests
radio in the 1950's
gives group or individual the right to market a national company's goods and services
Truman's platform that included integration, and national health care
Fair Deal
Corporations that invest in a wide range of businesses that produce different kinds of goods and services
preoccupation with buying material goods
market strategy in which manufacturers purposely design products to wear out or become outdated in a short period of time
planned obsolescence
President Eisenhower's conservative approach to government
Modern Republicanism