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Urban environments

Create unique habitats, or hyperdynamic, fragmented, diverse, sharp edges

Urban biological communities

Can be unique even novel, are often stress, composed of unique combinations of native and non-native species

Habitat grain

Coarse grain, low diversity habitat. Fine grain, High diversity habitat.

Island biogeography

Habitat patches equal Islands. Biodiversity is a balance of immigration and Extinction. Urban habitat often arrayed as Islands

Extinction debt

Extinction that equals actual Persistence of species versus predicted persistence species area curve. Highest in type 3 cities type 2 is closer to predicted there for Less debt. Type 1 excluded because the lack of pre-settlement survey species remaining maybe preadapted to altered conditions

Tape three cities

Extinctions may continue to equilibrium had high Extinction debt


A collection of populations that have regular or intermittent gene flow between geographical be separate units

Sources and sink populations

Urban species can be maintained by rural Source populations, temporary species, my grits, population in one way think Forest Park as a source and Laurelhurst Park as a sink