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What is the origin of the word "urban"?

What does it mean?

Urban comes from the ancient city of Ur which is now present day Iraq.

"all territory, population, and housing units located within an urbanized area or an urban cluster" Considered to be an area with 1000 ppl per square mile and surrounding areas to have a population density of at least 500 people per square mile.

Why is the study of urban ecology important?

It is important to recognize how all elements of the city work together, how they were created, and how long they can be sustained because this will contribute to the well being of the city and its inhabitants

Define Ecology

Study of structures and function of ecosystems or the study of the structures and functions of nature.

the study of environmental systems

-Odum Brothers

How can surveys help evaluate citizen attitudes and willingness to implement “green practices” in an urban environment? Name some advantages and disadvantages to surveying techniques


What are the major stocks and flows that could be measured on an urban block?


Why did cities originate in that part of the world? What does this tell us about urban ecology?

Originated in Fertile Crescent because of the dawn of agriculture, and the availability of resource to implement agriculture

Ecosystem Structure

The cumulative components abiotic and biotic of an ecosystem.

Ecosystem Function

The roles or niches the components have in the ecosystem.

Name 3 possible ways to mitigate urban storm water effects and explain why they are helpful.

1) Vegetation- allows water to percolate down into the ground rather than moving through the system quickly leading to little absorption and therefor moving quickly into a body of water.

2)Green infrastructure