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Components of streams

The Watershed, the visible water course, riparian Zone, floodplain, Hyperbaric

Watersheds or catchment

Are hierarchical as small streams feed into larger streams feed into rivers feed into larger Rivers feed into the ocean

Headwater streams

Limited light riparian dominated, Alec clunes and put leaves in material from riparian, detrital food base microglial film, low biological diversity shredders

Mid reaches

Autochrhonous input. Light allows photosynthesis role of riparian shift to channel structure. High biological diversity, scrapers and grazers and Gathers

Lower reaches

Riparian less important, Channel and floodplain structure. Allochthonous input, leakage from Upstream phytoplankton period lower biological diversity

Riparian Zone

Vegetated Fringe, Eco tunnel between Aquatic and terrestrial usually considered forested. Continuous with floodplain land use change is often Stark going from riparian to agriculture to Urban to clear-cut. Forestry regulations require riparian buffer along streams

Role of riparian Zone

Biofiltration, surface runoff, pollution, sediment, nutrients. Channel stability, in-stream structure large Woody debris fries, and Stream Energy such as leaves

Floods are energy for Habitat formation

Normal slides create in Channel habitats 2 year flood, episodic a hundred year flood shaped valleys. Floods have role of fire in terrestrial ecosystems

Hyporheic zone

Continuous subsurface extension of streams, lateral and longitudinal Dimensions, active exchange of water and nutrients and temperature, can extend kilometers back from Main Channel, distinct baiada, salmon spawning

Hyporheic is the source of stream base flow

Extend stream into subsurface of stream and floodplain includes floodplains gravel bars in streambed

Function of hyporheic zone

Supply base flow, nutrient processing, carbon cycling and nitrogen, temperature moderation, biological community

Urban hyporheic issues

Adversely affected by urbanization. Impervious surfaces restrict groundwater recharge. Groundwater pumping depletes hyperallergic. Contamination and pollution. Opportunities, stormwater control, stormwater injection and nutrient control