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1. Demonstrate how you are using quality feedback techniques to reinforce safe behaviors or coach on at risk behaviors as part of the observation and feedback process.
I noticed you were maintaining proper egress in your load. I am glad that you took the time to clean up the walkpaths even though you were backed up. This helps prevent slips and falls which are the most severe injuries. Whats another thing that this helps with? Now if somebody needs to come in and help you with anything they can without worry about falling.
2. When and how do you recognize your employees for working Safely?
I recognize them when I notice somebody demonstrating a safe behavior such as using a load stand or a safety chain, or when using an at risk behavior such as not maintaining proper egress or throwing packages. I recognize my employees daily.
3. Please explain your understanding of the wellness and safety commitment statement.
I need to keep my area safe and not let unsafe behaviors go unnoticed. I need to step in and make the effort to keep my employees safe.
4. What are the eight keys to lifting and lowering?
1. Get Close
2. Position Feet
3. Bend Knees
4. Test weight
5. Firm grip opposite diagonal corners
6. Lift with a steady motion
7. Pivot and Step/ Don't Twist
8. Use equipment
5. What are the 5 Keys to prevent slips and falls?
1. Look before stepping
2. Establish a firm footing
3. Adapt to changing conditions
4. Don't run
5. Stay of unsecured belts, rollers and chutes
6. Explain the functional difference between conveyor securing and lockout?
Conveyor securing shuts down one portion of a belt to make operational adjustments. A lockout disengages the main energy source and is only done by a qualified lockout persons.
7. What are your responsibilities regarding yard control?
Use designated walk-paths, Use designated doors, Use Designated Break Areas, Wear a yellow vest, have an orange cone when working in the yard. Drivers must wear seat belts, obey all posted speed limits and their vehicle must be visible form 360 degrees.
8. When performing your conveyor securing and guard inspections, what are you looking for and how often do you perform them?
Looking for broken or non-functional securing station. No missing tags or stickers. Guards are closed and locked. Exceptions addressed immediately by P.E. Do not operate equipment until repaired. Check twice daily. Pre and post sort.
9. In a tornado, hurricane or earthquake where do you assemble your employees.
Tornado: Pit of the Primary. Hurricane and Earthquake is the nearest interior wall. Notified by word of mouth.
10. Explain what you would do if a package is generating smoke, fumes, or is otherwise irritating?
Don't touch, Secure my area by keeping employees away. notify a designated responder.
11. How do you determine if a Haz-Mat has been audited?
Look for the SLIC, Todays Date, Initials.
12. Explain what you would do if a package was leaking and bares no labels
Treat it like a haz-mat. Don't touch, Secure my area by keeping employees away. notify a designated responder.
13. What do you do with shipping papers of a Haz-Mat?
Pull one copy and put it in the pouch and two copies if it is a TOFC
How do you load a haz-mat package?
Flat on the floor
Arrows up
15. Where do you assemble your employees in the event of an evacuation
Check board for area information
16. How often must you slat your employees?
Ground loaders once a month, Air loaders once a week
17. How long do you keep salt logs on file
One month plus the current working month
18. What is the definition of proper package handling
Hands are in control of the package from surface to surface.