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The Grand Alliance 1941

Wartime (WW2) alliance between USA & USSR to defeat Hitler.

As war drew to a close, relations became uneasy. Each leader wanted others to recognise that there were countries under their "sphere of influence".

1941 USA, USSR. WW2

The "sphere of influence"

Unofficial yet broad agreement on the countries by the end of the (TYP) conferences.

Countries that fell into the country's rule.

What are the conferences involving the beginning of the Cold War?

The Teheran Conference 1943

The Yalta Conference 1945

The Potsdam Conference

The Yellow Pineapple

1943, 1945, 1945

The Teheran Conference

1943 - Britain (Churchill), USSR (Stalin), USA (Roosevelt)


•USA & Britain would open a 2nd front to split the German defence & take pressure off USSR.

•USSR would declare war on Japan once Germany was defeated.

•Poland should be given more land from Germany, but lose some to the USSR.


•USSR annoyed as the 2nd front didn't occur until 1944z

•Roosevelt often sides with Stalin not Churchill.