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The children in a kindergarten classroom often become so engaged in their activities that the teacher has trouble getting them to stop what they are doing and begin transitioning to another activity. The teacher can best address this problem by using which of the following approaches
Establish an agreed-upon signal, such as clapping or ringing a bell, that alerts children that it is time to pay attention
During the middle school years, young adolescents' need for an increasing sense of autonomy can best be met by
Designing activities and assignments to permit student choice among a range of options
Which of the following is the most important consideration for students and teachers with regard to students' use of the Internet as a research tool?
Much of the information on the Internet has not been reviewed and verified by experts in relevant fields
A second-grade teacher learns that a student with multiple disabilities will be entering her classroom. The student, Jerome, will have a full-time aide assigned to work with him in the classroom.

In working with Jerome, a primary responsibility of the classroom teacher will be to provide him with instruction that
Promote his progress in achieving the learning goals specified in his Individualized Education Program (IEP)
The teacher is considering strategies to use to ensure a positive classroom climate for Jerome after his arrival in the classroom. Which of the following teacher strategies is most likely to help achieve this goal?
Exhibit attitudes and behaviors that model acceptance of Jerome as a valued member of the class
To work effectively with Jerome's aide, the teacher should recognize that the primary role of an aide in this situation should be to
Facilitate the student's ability to participate in and benefit from instruction planned by the teacher
A teaching team in middle school class is planning an assignment in which students will spend several weeks examining the costs and benefits of various human activities. Examples of topics studied by students in the past include Dirt Biking in Wilderness Areas, The Use of Pesticides on Crops, and Watching Television. The teachers will help students identify an activity they are interested in, develop an appropriate plan for collecting information and decide what type of presentation to make to the class at the end of the project.

Which of the following adjustments to this instructional plan would be most responsive to the typical developmental characteristics of middle school students?
Take advantage of students' interest in social interactions by having them work on the assignment in pairs or small groups
The requirement to examine both the costs and benefits of a particular activity is a valuable exercise for middle school students primarily because it
Promotes students' growing capacity to consider a topic from more than one point of view
A science teacher and a social studies teacher teach the same group of eighth graders. The teachers will be addressing some related content with these students, so they agree to create an interdisciplinary unit with coordinated instruction between the two classes.

The teachers begin planning the interdisciplinary unit by deciding on student learning goals that both teachers will emphasize in their classrooms. To hep ensure an effective, well-coordinated unit, the teachers should also decide about which of the following before the unit begins?
How to sequence and pace topic coverage during the unit
The teachers wish to ensure that their unit will proceed smoothly. They are most likely to achieve this goal by using which of the following strategies?
Make arrangements to meet on a regular basis to discuss how the unit is progressing and to address any issues that may arise
According to Piaget's stages of cognitive development, which of the following thought processes best distinguishes a student at the formal operational stage?
Abstract thought
Danielle is a 4 year old who prefers to play by herself and is not comfortable interacting with other children. To best facilitate Danielle's transition into the next stage of play development, the teacher should provide a variety of
Individual activities and materials that childre can do side by side
Ms. Nguyen notices that a boy in her kindergarten class comes to school very irritable and is hyperactive most of the day. He has trouble concentrating and frequently fights with other children. Which of the following actions would be the most appropriate first response to this situation?
Setting up a conference with the child's parents to discuss behavior at home and sleep schedules
To best ensure that all students in a fourth-grade inclusion classroom receive quality instruction, which of the following should lesson plans always include?
Extra time for reteaching and needs-based modifications of student activities
A first-grade teacher has readers who are below grade level, each at a different level. In planning individualized instruction, which of the following is the best first step for the teacher to take?
Providing an assessment to identify students' reading strengths and weaknesses
An English-language learner (ELL) who is at an advanced-high level of language proficiency is preparing a report summarizing a science experiment. The most appropriate expectation for the teacher to have of the ELL's report is that it will include
grade-level content information communicated with few language-related errors
Fifth-grade students have just completed a social studies unit in which they explored pioneers' everyday life during the westward expansion. Which of the following student activities would show the highest level of critical thinking?
Writing a journal entry from the perspective of a pioneer during westward expansion
Which of the following teaching strategies best supports intermediate-level English-language learners in the development of speaking Enflish in academic settings?
Modeling pronounciatons of key academic vocabulary
A fifth-grade science teacher wants to accommodate science textbook reading assignments for English-language learners (ELLs). Which of the following activities would best support the goal?
Segmenting textbook passages into smaller sections for the ELLs
Which of the following teacher actions will most effectively promote a positive climate in an elementary classroom?
Greeting students as they enter the classroom
Mr. Hall, a middle school teacher, has the following goals while creating his behavior management program.
Goa l: Develop an effective set of behavior expectations for students, including rewards and consequences
Goal2: Establish positive relationships with students' parents to get support for the behavior management program

Which of the following will best help with effectively reaching the first goal?
Creating the behavior standards as a classroom community with student input and discussion
The most appropriate guideline to help Mr. Hall reach the first goal is to incorporate
three to five general standards that guide productive learning
Which of the following could Mr. Hall do to best achieve his main goal related to parents?
Send an introductory letter home on the first day of school that asks for a conference in the first month
After the plan has been implemented, Mr. Hall schedules a phone conference with the parents of a student who is not following the plan.
In the conference, which of the following approaches will best promote the second goal?
Summarizing the student's achievements and challenges and then encouraging the parents to discuss the situation
Ms. Lyons observes that a majority of the students in her class are not following a recently taught math process on how to regroup while subtracting. Which of the following would ne the best way to reteach the math process?
Connecting the underlying concepts to the process
When posing a question, the amoung of wait time a teacher allows before calling on a student for a response primarily depends on the
cognitive level of the question being asked
Before beginning a unit on plant life, students in a class answer the question, "What questions do you have about plant life?" in their learning journals. At the end of the unit, the teacher has students return to their list of questions and answer as many as they can. A primary reason for using this activity is to help the teacher
foster student ownership in their learning about plant life
Ms. Ramirex presents students with a broad topic and an Internet article related to the topic. To best address the firest mini-lesson. which of the following activities should students complete next?
Annotating applicable points in the article that focus on the information pertinent to the research question
Which of the following skills must Ms. Ramirez include in the introduction to the second mini-lesson?
Citing sources in a bibliography
To most effectively facilitate the students' understanding of the third mini-lesson, Ms. Ramirez should
allow students computer access to record topic ideas and develop an outline
Which of the following methods would best help students manage their time throughout the unit?
Breaking projects into logical segments and regularly assessing progress
At the end of the unit, Ms. Ramirez has the students complete a self-assessment rubric to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses throughout the project. The rubric has specific questions about their research, slide show presentations and collaboration skills with their group. The rubric also has a comments section; after reading the students' comments, Ms. Ramirez notes that several students expressed that the project was not relevant to their lives.

Which of the following outcomes does the self-assessment rubric best promote for students?
Taking responsibility for their own learning and decisions
To best address the students' comments, which of the following should Ms. Ramirez incorporate in the lesson for the following year?
Taking the students on a field trip tour to a local working landfill
In a physical education class that includes several English-language learners (ELLs) at various levels of language proficiency, the physical education teacher displays a list of vocabulary words related to basketball. Which of the following strategies will best support the ELLs' understanding of the vocabulary words?
Pantomiming the words with the class
Which of the following is the most effective way for a teacher to monitor student understanding of a task during group activities?
Observing student interactions while circulating around the room
A high school teacher wants to acknowledge students who participated in the state science fair by posting pictures on the school site. Which of the following would be the most appropriate way for the teacher to proceed?
Reviewing the district acceptable-use policy
A third-grade teacher is planning a lesson on media literacy. One of the teacher's goals is for students to be able to compare various forms of written conventions used in digital media. Which of the following student activities best supports the goal?
Using a Venn diagram to distinguish characteristics of a blog from those in a Web-based newspaper article.
As an informal assessment, high school career and technology teacher has students complete an online job application and create an online resume. This assessment is most beneficial because it allows students to
apply learning to real life
A middle school history teacher is planning to assign a six-week project. Which of the following teaching strategies would best help promote students' understanding of the project's expectations?
Discussing the grading rubric that will be used before beginning unit tasks
When assessomg students' writing, a teacher uses holistic scoring. Which of the following is true of holistic scoring?
The score is based on the overall quality of both content and mechanics
A sixth-grade teacher recognizes that during her lesson on the human body, many students are not paying attention and one student has fallen asleep. The most appropriate actions for the teacher to take would be to
move on to a different activity that engages the students and reevaluate thye lesson's effectiveness at a later time
At the beginning of the year, which of the following thematic unit topics will be most effective for developing students' knowledge of self-concept?
My family
Which of the following learning centers will be most beneficial for Mr. Perez to position next to the classroom library
Writing center
Mr. Reiner wants to establish regular two-way conversations with the parents of his students. To best achieve this goal, Mr. Reiner should first
set up a meeting to discuss mutual goals for student progress with parents and guardians
Fifth-grade teachers at a school meet regularly to discuss strategies to help students struggling in mathematics. The primary benefit of the meetings is helping teachers to
provide instruction for various types of learners
After a single week in school, which of the following would be best for a first-year teacher to use to improve the class's behavior management plan?
Observing effective teachers in the school and using their knowledge and expertise to help enhance his or her own skills
Mr. Riley emails his child's teacher to ask about how to identify whether or not his child has a learning disability. The most appropriate response is for the teacher to
discuss the process of systematic interventions, monitoring and evaluation with Mr. Riley
In accordance with fair-use guidelines, a teacher is legally permitted to do which of the following?
Download pictures and information from Internet sites to a folder for students to access for a lesson
Which of the following topics would be the most appropriate to communicate through a class website that all students and parents of students can access?
Class news and deadlines on assignments
During the middle school years, young adolescents' neef for an increasing sense of autonomy can best be met by
designing activities and assignments to permit student choice among a range of options