The Importance Of Cyberbullying Among College Students

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Cyber bullying has become a new social phenomenon in the current society. It leaves students unable to escape their bullies leaving them with the feeling of being along and also helpless. Studies have shown that almost twenty-five percent of students have been the victims of cyberbullying in most colleges. This unexpected number highlights that nearly one in every four individuals has been a victim of the phenomenon (Barnes, 2006). Most bullies have taken towards internet sites such as Facebook and Twitter where they hide behind anonymity which given by the web in performing their heinous acts. Young people may also run the risks inadvertently disclose their personal details since on most situations, and they typically neglect in reading the …show more content…
Most college students have made the choice of taking ample time and also reading through them, and most have been able to remember what they had read. An idea in assisting students to be more involved with their education is through connecting their learning material with social media sites. Perhaps educators should start thinking of creating social media pages on Facebook, and also Twitter of their courses and college students will have regular updates concerning their cases right on the Facebook home page. In connection with the study made by Moreno, Fost, and Christakis, (2008) concerning the effective use of social media, perhaps, teachers should also think of utilizing Facebook to post important assignments as well since it becomes convenient for the student that is already on Facebook to check their assignments fast. With large lectures, the student can post their opinions and questions on the Facebook wall of the class so that they would not interrupt the lesson. These questions might even spark meaningful discussions amongst the class that the teachers can facilitate directly (Moreno, Fost, & Christakis, …show more content…
Through utilizing different types of questions, it will also allow the study to be more conclusive and diverse and look at various angles of the impacts of social media on college students. This will lead to obtaining a deeper comprehension of this social issue.
Sample Selection
For my sample, I would choose to utilize a convenience sample. The age I would want to study would be between eighteen to twenty-six-year-olds. I wound reach out to colleges and local universities and use the students that are willing to the survey. Based on the number of students, I would like to have fortieth survey responses.
For my study, it will be critical to base a ten to fourteen-questions survey on more than just if a student consistently utilizes social media on how their use of social media affects their academic performances concerning their completion of assignments, and how efficiently they obtain necessary to research online as they become distracted by social media. The survey would be entirely anonymous and would ask questions concerning whether their academic performances have been affected by using social networking sites followed up by their frequency of using these online sites, their gender and the social networking

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