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to retract tissue during laminectomy or shoulder surgery (hand held)
Scoville Retractor
to maintain exposure during superficial plastic surgery or hand surgery
Senn Retractor
to maintain spinal retraction during laminectomy or shoulder surgery (hand held)
Taylor Retractor
to retract soft tissue during oral, maxillofacial, or craniofacial surgery (hand held)
Tessier Retractor
to retract the posterior soft palate during intraoral procedures
Uvula Retractor
to retract tissue during vaginal surgery (hand held)
Doyen Vaginal Retractor
to retract the vaginal wall and provide exposure during vaginal and transvaginal surgery (hand held)
Sims Vaginal Retractor
to retract vessels
Vein Retractor
to retract superficial tissue (hand held)
Volkmann Retractor
to maintain wound exposure (self retaining)
Weitlaner Retractor
to visualize intranasal cavity
Nasal Speculum
to provide visualization of rectum
Rectal Speculum
to retract the vaginal wall during vaginal or transvaginal surgery (self retaining)
Graves Vaginal Speculum
to retract the posterior vaginal wall during vaginal procedures
Weighted Vaginal Speculum