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to hold tissues or organs
Allis Clamp
to secure vascular occlusion during vascular and cardiothoracic surgery
Aortic Clamp
to secure vascular occlusion during cardiovascular surgery
Cooley Aortic Clamp
to secure a part of the lung during pulmonary surgery
Bronchus Clamp
to occlude an artery or vein with correct tension to produce minimal trauma to vessels; clamps have low closing pressure for noncompressive occlusion (e.g., for coronary artery bypass or arteriovenous fistula)
Bulldog Clamp
to secure hemostasis in cardiovascular and vascular surgery; also used as ligature forceps
Crafoord Clamp
to secure temporary hemostasis in deep anatomy (e.g., for vessel suture)
Crile Clamp
to secure hemostasis during neurosurgical procedures
Dandy Clamp
to provide complete or partial vessel occlusion
Fogarty Clamp
to secure the colon during resection
Glassman Clamp
to provide tissue occlusion during hysterectomy
Heaney Clamp
to secure individual bleeding vessels for hemostasis
Hemostat Clamp
to secure hemostasis of vessels (e.g., in neurosurgery)
Adson Hemostat Clamp
to provide tissue occlusion (e.g., in the intestines)
Allen Intestinal Clamp
to control bleeding temporarily during gastrointestinal surgery
Doyen Intestinal Clamp