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to retract uterine ligaments for wound exposure during hysterectomy
Heaney Retractor
to maintain exposure of bone during hip surgery (hand held)
Hohmann Retractor
to retract the sternum for internal mammary exposure during open heart surgery (self-retaining)
Internal Mammary Retractor
to maintain exposure during hip surgery (hand held)
Israel Retractor
to maintain wound exposure
Kelly Retractor
to maintain exposure during plastic surgery or general surgery as a hand held, right angle retractor
Langenbeck Retractor
to retract viscera during abdominal surgery
Malleable Retractor
to retract superficial tissue during plastic surgery or hand surgery
Mason Retractor
to retract tissue during otologic surgery (self-retaining)
Mastoid Retractor
to retract tissue during neurosurgery (e.g., laminectomy)
Meyerding Retractor
to retract nerve root during spinal surgery
Nerve Root Retractor
to retract abdominal wall during intraabdominal or pelvic surgery (self-retaining)
O’Connor-O’Sullivan Retractor
to retract rib and sternum during thoracic surgery, including open heart (self-retaining)
Rib Retractor
to protect soft tissue during dissection; to aid in blunt retraction of bowel and malleable retraction of soft tissue around bone
Ribbon Retractor
to maintain wound exposure (hand held)
Richardson Retractor