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To exert force on an object (e.g., to drive a nail into a bone)
To score or place cuts in bone.
Lambotte Osteotome
To place cuts in bone.
Smith-Petersen Osteotome
To smooth over a rough bone surface or to evacuate medullary canal in preparation for prosthesis insertion.
To mechanically smooth nasal cartilage and bone during septoplasty.
Wiener Nasal Rasp
to cut through small segments of bone.
Double-Action Rongeur
To remove delicate bones during neurosurgery (e.g., laminectomy)
Kerrison Rongeur
To remove bone or to remove soft tissue from around bone.
Lempert Rongeur
to cut ribs
Rib Rongeur
to hold Gigli saw blade for controlled severing of bone during amputation.
Handle For Gigli Saw
To cut small bone during amputation.
Wire Blade For Gigli Saw
To cut bandages and dressings.
Bandage Scissors
To cut tissue during fine (e.g. microvascular) dissection
Castroviejo Scissors
to cut vascular tissue during open heart procedure
Circumflex Scissors
To extend incision in dura mater during neurosurgery.
Dural Scissors