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This term refers to a person's ability to read and response sensitivity to interpersonal situations as well as manage feelings effectively

Emotional intelligence

Friedman and Rosalina freedom and in Rose Alina notice that some patience at on the edge of their seats in the waiting room.

Type a

Individuals identified as having a learned helplessness personality typically will have.

An external locus of control

Depression and post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms are similar to this personality

Learned helplessness

Individuals experiencing extensive trauma or very disturbing situations May unconsciously store that memory so that it does not affect their everyday life this type of defense mechanism is called


These people resort to well-tested patterns of behavior that would not bring unwanted attention towards themselves they are planners were organized rule-bound and who hate surprises this personality best fits the profile is


Enablers are part of relationships that describes this type of personality


Basketball player Doug Christie and his wife displayed Behavior characteristics of this type of personality


When faced with threats or challenges in life men typically react with fight or flight Behavior but according to Shelly Taylor women respond differently acting with this type of behavior

Tend and befriend

Women and men are prone to different stress-related Health boner abilities for instance blank suffers from autoimmune illnesses while blank suffer are prone to commit suicide

Women and men

An umbrella term to describe a group of people with shared views characteristics of interest is called


Sensation of stress


Type A people typically get a lot of work done during the day but a greater chance to experience a heart attack


Social problem solving therapy involves all of the following except for


With regards to time management stress can develop from

A amd b

The cons of procrastination includes all but

Laziness and not having enough time

The time management strategy do less not more means

You split or give your partial attention to tasks and need to focus on one task at a time

Those with a negative orientation often approach problems in a careless or Cavalier meaning


Brainstorming is a strategy to attempt to generate as many possibilities as you can keeping in mind they need knots to not be practical


Procrastination is mainly due to


Perfectionist attitudes extra beat procrastination


Mardela identify three pronounced common features associated with Altered States Of Consciousness which one is not a feature

All of the above features are Altered States of consciousness

Imagine the flight of a basketball swishing through the basket as you stand at the free throw line is an example of a type of imaginary

End state

Because of your type A Tendencies your therapist recommend that you try visualize yourself slowing down in your life and treating everyone you meet kindly and patiently this type of symmetry is known as


Imagining an abrasive ragging aggressive person whom you are someone scared of is being a clown is supposed by this type of Industry Theory


When practicing autogenic training you should focus on and experience these two words slash Sensations

Warmth and happiness

The following medical conditions respond well to autogenic training except for


Those with internal locus of control tend to blame others for their problems


The brain does not appear to differentiate significantly between what is imagined versus what is real


Autogenic training is a form of self-hypnosis


Is sitting posture is better for meditation than lying down


Does estimated that. of all deaths in the u.s. are attributed to lack of regular exercise improve Fitness levels


The exclamation purposes that exercise Alters the precipitation that people have about themselves and their abilities

Biological adaption hypnosis

Performing a French press lifts 400 meter sprint are examples of activities using the


It is recommended that blank minutes per day spent exercise

20 - 30

Most people may benefit from anaerobic activities when intensity reaches at least blank of your maximum output of cardiac function

50 - 60%

Progressive muscular relaxation encompasses all of these major principles except for

All the above principles of progressive muscular relaxation

, yoga is an ancient system of exercise that originated in


Progressive muscular relaxation was developed over 300 years ago


Diaphragmatic breathing promotes Samir Pathak nervous system activity