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All-or-None Thinking

There is only good or bad, black or white, no middle ground.


One single negative circumstance manifests into a life pattern.

Mental Filter

A solitary negative detail becomes the focus of your attention, obscuring the bigger picture.

Disqualifying The Postive

A negative belief pattern that eclipses positive circumstances, reducing any that surfaces as insignificant all while focusing on the negative.

Jumping to conclusions

Affirming a negative interpretation without supporting facts, often by insisting on a strong intuitive feeling, which is little more than projection of one’s own feelings.


Classic story of making a mountain out of a molehill.

Emotional reasoning

Living the assumption that one’s negative feelings are a true reflection of how things really are.

Should statements

A thought process influenced by a “rewards and punishment” mentality in which one motivates oneself with the words SHOULD, MUST, OUGHT. This behavior often results in feelings of guilt or resentment towards other.

Labeling and mislabeling

Considered an extreme form of overgeneralization, statements such as “I’m a loser”, or “He’s always a jerk”, are examples, in which mislabeling involves words that are highly charged or emotionally loaded.


Taking credit or blame for events that had little or nothing to do with you.