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Large network of zombies used to conduct attacks and spread spam and other malware.


A general class of software that is designed for some nefarious purpose.


A machine on which malware is installed so that it can be controlled by an attacker as part of a botnet.


A piece of malicious code that replicates by attaching itself to another piece of executable code.


A type of malicious software that sits dormant until some event triggers its malicious payload.

Logic Bomb

Software that appears to do one thing but hides some other functionality as well.

Trojan horse

An independent malicious software that that self-replicates by making copies of itself on other systems. It may or may not contain a destructive payload.


A form of logic bomb in which the triggering event is a specific date or time.

Time bomb

A form of malware that modifies the operating system kernel and supporting functions. It can change thread priorities, perform keylogging, act as a sniffer, hide files, and create backdoors.


The process of assessing the security state of an organization compared against an established standard.


A war-driving attack is an attempt to exploit what technology?

Wireless Networks

An attack in which an attacker attempts to lie and misrepresent himself in order to gain access to information that can be useful in an attack is known as:

Social Engineering

Virus hoaxes can be destructive for all of the reasons EXCEPT:

They can record keystrokes when a user visits certain websites

A virus that attempts to evade detection by changing the virus itself, and therefore its signature, is a(n):

Polymorphic Virus

Rootkits are challenging security problems because:

A) They can be invisible to the operating system and end user
B) Their true functionality can be cloaked, preventing analysis
C) They can do virtually anything an operating system can do

A piece of malicious code that must attach itself to another file to replicate itself is known as:


Which of the following is NOT true about the Morris worm?

It caused infected computers to execute the cat.exe file

A piece of malicious code that appears to be designed to do one thing (and may in fact do that thing) but that hides some other payload (often malicious) is known as:

Trojan Horse