Ethical Hacking: A Big Business

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Hacking refers to a threat that breaches computers or a network of computers to gain confidential information, harm businesses and government and make a profit. Professionals that hacks the system are known as Hackers. Hackers break into the code of the system to enter the databases of organizations such as Government agencies, businesses and individual computers to access the data and misuse it. In order to prevent oneself from getting hacked, organizations use Ethical Hacking technique in which a hacking professional is hired to test the security system of their organization. Ethical hackers use the same techniques to hack the system as a real hacker would do and if he fails to hack the system it would justify that the system is secure and …show more content…
It is a big business”, says Greenemeier. Greenemeier refers to the business of black markets that have mass information of stolen credit card data, driver’s license numbers and bank account details of individuals and organizations. He says hacking is no more for an individual or a group of hackers for a cause but has become business. Hacking tools are available for free and for purchase in black markets for making money which eases the task of cyber attackers that is a threat to cyber-security. Hackers are using their own peer-to-peer network together to buy hacking tools just like they are buying things from ebay. They are not afraid of working together since they have got so much of facilities to purchase the tools easily. Greenemeier says if the hacking tools continue to be sold so easily, organizations and government agencies should be ready to see their confidential data on black market site for sale very …show more content…
The Botnets uses multiple controllers so that it may not fail at any single point while working on hacking a network of computer servers. Once the hacker hack the network of a series of computer, he can access any of the computer data within the network. Botnets are so effective that it is very difficult to detect its presence in the network and breaks into the network before any one could notice it. Black markets provide this tool for free which is a biggest threat in today’s environment of technology where all the bank accounts, government information, organizations’ confidential data depends on their databases which can be easily hacked because of the free and effective tools available in the market..
Ablon, author of information systems at RAND Corporation discusses about how the hacking has become more organized and reliable over the last 15 years because of the availability of hacking tools in the black market. He says hacking has become easier and lucrative than dealing an illegal drug. Tools such as Botnets, Exploit kits and Ophcrack are assisted by sophisticated markets which deal freely in the tools and increases cybercrime. If such tools are so easily available in the black markets, hacking would become easier and it would be very difficult to control the security system of any

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