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WEP provides strong protection for confidentiality.


Bluejacking is when an attacker uses Bluetooth to copy the victim's information such as e-mails, contact lists, calendars, photos, and videos.


With any wireless protocol, which of the following are true?

Extra care should be taken to ensure that the security of the protocol is not compromised

What is WAP?

It is a protocol used by older cellular phones to deliver e-mail and lightweight web services.

802.11 is the IEEE standard for wireless local area networks and includes the following:

a, b, g, n

Which of the following protocols was designed for short-range wireless communications, such as accessories for mobile phones?


WAP was designed to work on which of the following?

Devices with low computing power

WAP uses ______ as its security protocol.


WAP implements integrity through the use of


The cryptographic standard for 3G networks is


RAID 5 implements exact copies of disks, with all the data mirrored on another drive


Categorizing business functions is useful in determining which functions will be restored first in the event of a disaster.


In which backup strategy are only those portions of the files and software that have changed since the last backup backed up?


Which of the following is a consideration in calculating the cost of a backup strategy?

A) The cost of the backup media
B) The storage costs for the backup media
C) The frequency with which backups are created

How is high availability generally achieved?

Redundant Systems

What is the primary purpose of a business impact analysis?

To identify and describe the most important functions for an organization

If an organization can last without a business function for up to 30 days before it is severely impacted, that function would be categorized as which of the following?

Necessary for normal processing

In which incident response phase might it be necessary to implement the BCP?

Recovery phase

If the loss of a business function would severely impact an organization, that function would be categorized as which of the following?


Which type of RAID does not provide redundancy to improve reliability?