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An AP uses _______________ to advertise its existence to potential wireless clients.

Beacon Frames

The _______________ is the part of the RC4 cipher that has a weak implementation in WEP.

Initialization Vector (IV)

The 32-character identifier attached to the header of a packet used for authentication to an 802.11 access point is the _______________.

Service Set Identifier (SSID)

WAP uses the _______________ protocol to attempt to ensure confidentiality of data.

Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS)

_______________ is a standard for Ethernet authentication.


802.11i updates the flawed security deployed in _______________.

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)

Cryptography in the WEP protocol is an attempt to guarantee _______________.


802.11a uses frequencies in the _______________.

5 GHz band

The standard for wireless local area networks is called _______________.

IEEE 802.11

802.1g uses frequencies in the _______________.

2.4 GHz Band

Why does WTLS support short key lengths?

WTLS has to support devices with low processor power and limited RAm

Why should wireless have strong two-way authentication?

Because wireless is especially susceptible to a man-in-the-middle attack

Why is 802.11 wireless more of a security problem than any other type of network?

It provides access to the physical layer of Ethernet without needing physical access to the building

Bluebugging can give an attacker what?

Total control over a mobile phone

How does 802.11n improve network speed?

A) Wider bandwidth

C) Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO)

WTLS ensures integrity through what means?

Message authentication codes

WEP has used an implementation of which of the following encryption algorithms?


How are the security parameters of WTLS chosen between two endpoints?

The WTLS handshake determines what parameters to use

What is bluejacking?

Sending an unsolicited message via Bluetooth

Why is it important to scan your own organization for wireless?

It can detect rogue access points

While the SSID provides some measure of authentication, why is it not very effective?

It is broadcast in every beacon frame

The 802.1X protocol is a protocol for Ethernet:


What is the best way to avoid problems with Bluetooth?

Keep Bluetooth discoverability off

Why is attacking wireless networks so popular?

It's easy

What two key lengths do most implementations of WEP support?

104 and 40