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Key areas for Deli

1. Service

2. Grab and Go

3. Roti/Chickens

ORT Process
Two Strengths

Two Weaknesses

Safety check that makes sure all operations are safe and sanitary in the department
1) Slicer cleaning and Wall

2) Temp logs and Cheese Dates

Why is customer experience important?

If you give a great experience, the customer will come back to shop and is more likely to spend more money at the store.


What are they?

Three Key SOPs for my department.

Standard Operating Procedures

1) Deli Slicer Cleaning

2) Food Handling

3) Refrigeration/Temp Logging

What is WGO

Worlds Greatest Operator- Organizational tool to help keep order, thinking outside of the box and communication

Transfering Process

SRS on Symbol gun

Selling events organized or planned

Switch of Grab and Go from old small case to larger Olive bar section. Increase in sales $1k a week as well as better presentation and use of space in regards to the olives.

How is labor/productivity calculated and importance of hitting daily goals?

Labor is based on productivity. The more you do something the more hours are accummulated/calculated. Example: $100 in sliced meat is 1 hour. You hit your goals you make payroll. You exceed goals you add more to your contribution.

3 ways to reduce shrink

1) Check dates and freshness daily


3) Proper handling of product

4) Process all shrink and transfers

How to process damages

If in shipment you ask the warehouse for a credit, if at the store, you scan it in SRS as damaged.

Just be more careful properly handle product

Importance of food safety

We don't want anyone to get sick. We want people to bring home safe products and keep returning to us for those products

How have you impacted profitability

My ability to be flexible, being able to produce in multiple locations, customer service, innovation and teaching/training others

Best Place to Shop Score

We want to be the best place to shop so we want to provide the best service and products for our customers.

We should be striving for a 4 minute time with customers in deli. Quick in quick out.

Top 3 sales commodities

1) Deli Meat

2) Chickens

3) Hummus/Pita Chips

Cold Product Planner

Computer calculated amount of sales of each item based on last years sales, projected increase in sales ect. Able to change based on sales and current trends

Daily WGO walk

Its important because its gives a current status of the dpeartment every morning. It will show you opportunities for what to improve on the day and what to communicate.

Deli Productivity Effectiveness

(Ask Nick)