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social stratification
Rankings of people based on wealth and other resources a society values.
life chance
The degree to which people succeed in life in such areas as education, income, and health.
vertical mobility
Movement up or down through a society’s stratification system.
The ownership of people.
estate system
A system of stratification characterized by control of land that was common during feudalism.
caste system
A stratification system based on rigid placement at birth into unequal groups based on one’s parents’ status, with no chance of moving out of these groups.
class system
A system of stratification containing unequal groups but with a relatively high degree of social mobility.
Income, stocks, bonds, real estate, and other dimensions of one’s total material possessions.
The ability to influence others to do one’s bidding even if they don’t want to.
The status and esteem people hold in the eyes of others.
classless societies
Societies with no social stratification.
A set of beliefs that supports the status quo.
class consciousness
An awareness of one’s social class membership, the structural reasons for it, and the needs arising from such membership.
false consciousness
A failure to possess class consciousness.
socioeconomic status (SES)
A measure based on occupation, education, and income favored by functionalist sociologists as an indicator of social class position.
intergenerational mobility
Vertical mobility from one generation to the next within the same family.
intragenerational mobility
Vertical mobility within a person’s own lifetime.
economic inequality
The extent of the economic difference between the rich and the poor in a society.
poverty line
The government’s measure of official poverty, based on the cost of a minimal diet for a family multiplied by three.
episodic poverty
As defined by the Census Bureau, being poor for at least 2 consecutive months in some time period