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What is the most widely accepted definition of social class and who coined the term?
Weber- a large group of people who rank closely to one another in terms of property (wealth), power and prestige
What is wealth? Where is it concentrated?
consisting of the value of property and income
concentrated in upper classes
Explain the US trends in terms of the distribution of wealth since the earl 1900's.
1930's-1970: trend in distribution of wealth was towards greater equality, since than it has been towards greater inequality
What is power?
the ability to get one's way even though others resist
What is power elite? Who coined the term?
C. Wright Mills- small group that holds the reins of power in business, government, and the military
What is prestige linked to? Explain prestige in global terms.
linked to occupational status

people's rankings of occupational prestige have changed little over time and remain similar around the world
What is status?
social position
What does status consistent mean?
people rank high or low on all three dimensions of social class, most people are like this
What is the negative result of status inconsistency?
frustrations tend to produce political radicalism
Explain Erik Wrights model of social class. Who did he base it off of? What was it?
Marx- four class system- capitalists, small business owners, managers and workers
Explain Kahl and Gilbert's model. Who was it based on? What was it?
Weber- capitalist class at top than upper middle class, lower middle class, working class, working poor and underclass
What are the three types of social mobility?
intergenerational mobility
structural mobility
exchange mobility
What is intergenerational mobility?
changes in social class from one generation to another
What is structural mobility?
changes in society that lead large number of people to change their social class
What is exchange mobility?
movement of large numbers of people from one class to another, with the net result that the relative proportions of the population in the classes remain about the same
What groups in the US are most likely to be in poverty?
racial-ethnic minorities (except Asian-Americans), children, households headed by women, rural Americans
How is the Horatio Alger myth functional for society?
-the belief that anyone can get ahead if only he or she tries hard enough, encourages people to strive to get ahead, also defects blame from society to individual