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Charity Organization Society

The first relief organization in the U.S. that developed a systematic program to help the needy; promoted " scientific philanthropy," which incorporated individual assessment and development of coordinated service plans before providing services

Community organization

A method of social work practice that involves the development of community resources to meet human needs.


Skills that are essential to perform certain functions; social workers must have competencies in a number of areas to be effective professionals.

Council on Social Work Education

The national organization of schools of social work that focuses on social work education and serves as the accrediting body for professional social work undergraduate and master's programs

Direct practice

When the social worker's effort is aimed at working directly with individuals or families, the process


A set of rules by which a society, community, or organization operates, while values are individually held

Generalist practice

Social workers are familiar with techniques related to direct practice with individuals, families, and groups, as well as practice in organizations and communities

Group Work

A process that seeks to stimulate and support more adaptive personal functioning and social skills of in through structured group interactions.

National Association of Social Workers

In 1955, the various associations established to promote and develop each separate method merged

Multidisciplinary teams

A group of professionals from a variety of disciplines working with clients.

Opportunity Structure

The accessibility of opportunities for an individual within that individual's environment, including personal and environmental factors such as physical traits, intelligence, family, and availability of employment

Mary Richmond

A major contributor to the COS movement who had a long lasting impact on the profession, inaugurated the first training program for social workers at the New York School of applied Philanthropy, forerunner of schools of social work.