The Concentration Of Community And Human Development At Empire State College

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The concentration of community and human development at Empire state college as well as SUNY Stonybrook and Marist college is in keeping with the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) as well as the guiding principles of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) which encompasses respect for others, acknowledging and understanding the impact of dignity, understanding of individual and community cultural differences in addition to being aware of the many different lifestyles in society. The knowledge that an individual has the right to self-determine and is entitled to full confidentiality is not only required it is essential to the practice of social work. Moreover, having knowledge in documentation, planning, assessment, while understanding one 's values as well as individuals and society can provide strength to advocate for change. Furthermore, knowing how to effectively communicate, listen as well as collaborate with the client (s) can empower them to set goals and be aware of the responsibility to themselves to see the goals thru. The BSW offered at SUNY Stonybrook and Marist college both have similar missions for those wanting to study social work. Which is to help students achieve their goal of comprehending and embracing the fundamental multifaceted issues that encompass the field of social work. The curriculums mission is to use a strengths perspective to empower as well as develop the skills one would need in this field. In addition to…

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