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Define prejudice
Negative prejudgment of a group and it's individual members
Prejudice is an attitude. What are the ABC's of an Attitude?
What are stereotypes?
Belief of personal attributes of a group of people.
Difference between prejudice and discrimination?
Prejudices are attitudes whereas discrimination is a behavor.
Racism, what is it?
An individuals prejudicial attitudes and discriminating behavior towards a race even if this is not intentional.

Sexism is that of genders.
What is the dual attitude system of prejudice?
Explicit is that which is consciously done
Implicit are those habitual or unconcious motivations
What areas of the brain activate during implicit prejudice?
The Amygdala has been found to be activated
What are gender roles?
Forms of socially ascribed roldes to specific genders.
Difference between benevolent prejudice and hostile prejudice
Benevolent prejudice is that attribution of positive attitudes towards another while Hostile is that which attributes negative ones.
Why do unequal status breed prejudice?
Unequal status seem to propagate stereotypes which in turn propagate prejudice
A motivation to have ones group be dominant over other social groups?
Social dominance orientation
What are some causes for authoritarian personalities?
Suppression of hostility to ingroup authority
Submissive to ingroup authority
Projection of hostility to outgroup
Predisposition to power and status
Difference between authoritarianism and social dominance?
Authoritarianism: concern with security and control

Social dominance: group status
in what way can religious beliefs stir prejudice?
The superficial belief in ones religion
Four sources of prejudice?
Social Inequalities
Gender roles
Institutional Supports
What is and when does realistic group conflicts occur?
When the competition that occurs between groups is directed towards getting resources that are scares?
Gause's Law?
Realistic group conflict are highest when the needs of both groups are identical
John Turner and Henri Tajfel's theory of social identity?
We categorize everything
We Identify to an ingroup
We compare to out groups
Three factors that increase prejudice toward out groups?
Anxiety and fear
Threat to self esteem
Need to belong to a group
What is the just world phenomenon?
Tendency for people to believe the world is just and therefore those ho suffer get what they deserve and deserve what they get
What is the out group homogeneity effect?
perception of out group members as more similar to one another than are in group memebers
When an individual feels transfigures and feels uneasy at anothers attention on them, to what do we attribute this to?
Illusory Correlation
false impression that two variables correlate.
What is the group serving bias?
explaining away outgroup member's positive behaviors

Attributing negative behaviors to the dispositions of the group
What is the change in language which occurs during group serving bias?
Linguistic inter group bias
Two ways according to Gordon Allport that individuals perpetuate self victimization?
blame the self
blame the external causes
Three ways stereotype threat effects performance?
Emotionally (stress effecting prefrontal cortex)
Cognitively (distraction)
Motivational (energy lost on suppressing negative affect)
What is the personal/group discrimination discrepancy?
The gap between seeing oneself as outside prejudice of group stereotypes.
What is a word for stereotype of a stereotype. What affects does this have on the individual?

Leads to awkward interactions
Decreased executive functioning
What are four cognitive sources for prejudice?
Vivid Cases
Distinctive Events