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Sociological Imagination

Stresses the social contexts in which people live; Examines how these contexts influence peoples live.

Social Location

The group memberships that people have because of their location in history and society

Scientific method

The use of objective, systematic observations to test theories

Social Darwinism

Survival of the fittest

Social Integration

The degré to which members of a group or a society feel united by shared values and other social bonds; also known as social cohesion


Marx's term for capitalists, those who own the means of production


Marx's term for the exploited class, the mass of workers who do not own the means of production

Protestant Ethic

Calvinists lived frugal lives, saving and investing money in order to make more. Financial success was seen as a sign that God was on their side.


German word used by Weber that is perhaps best understood as "to have insight into someones situation"

Social Facts

Durkheims term for a groups patterns of behavior


The growing interconnections among nations due to eat expansion of capitalism