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Time in bed
or Total recording time
Lights on-Lights out= ____/2
Total Sleep Time
Total # of sleep epochs=____/2
Total Wake Time
Total wake epochs=______/2
Sleep Efficiency
Total sleep time (in minutes)/Total Recording Time (in minutes) x 100
Sleep Latency
Sleep onset-Lights out/2
REM Latency
Rem Onset-Sleep Onset/2
Total Stage Sleep
Total Sleep Stage/2
% Sleep Stage
Total Stage (min)/ TST (min) X 100
Total REM Sleep
Total # of REM epochs/2
Total NREM Sleep
Total NREM epochs/2
Total position Time
Total of epochs of specific position/2
Apnea Index
Total apneas/TST x 60
Hypopnea Index
Total Hypopneas/tst x 60
Total apneas and hypopneas/tst x 60
RDI on Back
Total apneas and hypopneas on back/Total Back Time x 60
RDI on Side
Total apneas and hypopneas on side/ Total Side time X 60
RDI on Prone
Total apneas and hypopneas on Prone/Total Prone Time X 60
Total apneas and hypopneas in rem/Total rem time X 60
Total apneas and hypopneas in nrem/Total nrem time X 60
Arousal Index
Total # of arousals/ TST X 60
Arousal Index on Back
Total arousals on back/ Total Back Time X 60
Arousal Index on Side
Total arousals on side/ Total side time x 60
Arousal index in REM
Total arousals in REM/Total REM time X 60
Arousal Index in NREM
Total arousals in NREM/Total NREM Time X 60.
PLM Index
Total PLM's/Total Sleep Time X 60
PLM with arousal Index
Total PLM's with arousals/ TST X 60