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Why do we study family

1) to understand the complexities of the family systems

2) to help unhealthy families and support healthy families

3) To understand the human life course

---family of origin to the family of procreation

4) know the example of his daughter swallowing a screw

What is family systems

The individuals, rules, boundaris, routines and norms that are associated with a self-defined group of individuals.

What is family process

The ways in which family members interract and work with each other to achieve the goals and functioning of their family unit.

What is the difference between family systems and family process?

Family processes are all about what families do and family systems is about what the individuals do in the family group.

How has cohabitation changed in the last several decades?

Much more cohabitations, it is no longer just the affluent college students doing it anymore, it has become a normal stage of the relationship.

What are the latest trends in marriage

1) child bearing is disconnected from marraige

2) it has become individualized, meaning it is based on pursuit of individual goals and happiness

3) Youth still think marriage is important but dont believe it is a necessity or more fulfilling than other lifestyles

4) the traditional family is basically gone

5)emerging adulthood as been invented which has changed premarital trends

What are the latest trends of divorce

1) no fault divorce

2) decreased amounts of divorce because of higher amounts of cohabitation

What was the marshmallow experiment

Transferred marshmallows into tupperware. We observed the people and our view of their happiness. It symbolized relative truth, truth that come from personal experience and acquired information. Our view of others happiness based on our own personal views

What is pure truth

From God, spiritual knowledge. Ex: revelation

What is diluted truth

secular knowledge. Pure truth poorly translated with limited knowledge

What is relative truth

individual knowledge from personal experiences

ex: Dr. Willoughby's family always went to amusement parks for family trips and his wife always went and traveled international. So when they got married they had to make a decision from their relative truth.

What is bias

knowledge or results are wrong/skewed due to our knowledge we used to create or obtain it. Based on pre-existing preferrences

What is sample/selection bias

the people who are apart of the study will limit the results in some way

What is research bias

the people doing the study are either intentionally or unintentionally changing the results

What is construct

how we conceptualize something that we cant measure, such as love, conflict, happiness, and commitment

What is a variable

something that varies and is measurable. Consist's of dependent and independent variable

What is relationship in the context of family studies

how 2+ variables connect

What is quantitative research

focused on numbers and statistics

What is qualitative research

focused on understanding meaning, examples include case studies and interviews

What does causation vs correlation mean?

correlation does not equal causation

What is spurious relationships

when there is another unknown relationship in the equation

What are mixed methods of research

relies on qualitative and quantitative

ex: researchers study 10 people in-depth through interviews and then take their data to make a questionnaire and send it out to tons of people

What does it mean to validate a survey instrument

Ensuring that the instrument measures what it is intended to measure can take months

Family Systems Theory

-the process theory

-the most central theory in the study of family science

-says the best way to study the family was to study the family as a whole as opposed to the individuals in the family

-each individual in the family is acting and acted upon by the other individuals in the family

-the series of connections forms a family system of interconnected individuals

-the whole is greater (and different) than the sum of its parts

-other words that have to do with this theory are subsystems, boundaries, goals, structure, equilibrium, open system

Family Life Course Theory

-the big picture theory

-two social science of perspective----life course perspective which means looking at the individuals and families and how they change across time and generations. And developmental perspective which looks at the individuals and families and how they go through normative and measurable change over time.