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What are the three categories of potential hazards to food safety?
Chemical, Biological, and Physical hazards
A manager is responsible for knowing and demonstrating what information?
A manager is responsible for knowing and demonstrating basic food safety.
Shellfish should be purchased from sources that are listed in?
Interstate Certified Shellfish Shippers List
What does the acronym TTA stand for?
Time-Temperature Abuse
An approved supplier is one that?
A supplier that has been inspected and meets all applicable local, state, and federal laws.
Illness-causing _____________ cause most food borne-illness outbreaks.
True or False: Young children are at a higher risk for getting food borne illnesses.
Under the federal Uniform Commercial Code, a plaintiff brining about a law suit must prove all of the following:
1. Food was unfit to be served
2. Food caused plaintiff harm
3. Establishment violated Warranty of Sale
Most importantly, managers have a _____________ and ___________ attitude toward food safety.
Positive, Supportive
What are damages awarded to punish the defendant for wanton and willful neglect?
Punitive damages
What are the five most common factors that are responsible for food borne illnesses, as identified by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (DCD)?

Furthermore, each of these common factors, with the exception of purchasing food from an unsafe source, is related to what?
1. Purchasing food from unsafe sources
2. Failing to cook food adequately
3. Holding food at incorrect temperatures
4. Using contaminated equipment
5. Practicing poor personal hygiene

All of these common factors, except purchasing unsafe food, is related to workers not following food safety regulations.
A plaintiff who has won a lawsuit against a restaurant can be awarded what?
Punitive and Compensatory damages
An outbreak of food borne illness is an incident in which __________ or more people experience the same illness after eating the same food.
The manager's basic food-safety responsibilities are to:
Serve safe food and train employees in safe food handling practices
True or False: Marketing your food safety efforts will help.
True, it will show employees and customers through your your actions that management is involved in and supports food safety policies.
If your establishment is implicated in an outbreak of food borne illness, your costs may include:
Loss of customers and sales, negative media exposure, lawsuits and legal fees, increased insurance premiums, loss of reputation, lowered employee morale, employee absenteeism, and staff retaining
True or False: Food has been time-temperature abused any time it has been allowed to remain too long at temperatures that favor the growth if food borne micro-organisms?
A disease carried or transmitted to people by food is called:
Food-born illness
Regulatory agencies may be able to:
Assess fines and close an establishment that serves unsafe food
True or False: A food borne illness can occur if the food is not cooled properly?
True or False: Populations at high risk for food borne illness are at a higher risk because they have issues with their immune systems?
Compensatory damages are awarded for:
Lost work, lost ages, and medical bills
A restaurant or food service establishment is responsible for knowing:
Current regulations affecting the establishment
What are the key practices for ensuring food safety?
1. Controlling time and temperature
2. Preventing cross-contamination
3. Practicing good personal hygiene
4. Purchasing food from approved, reputable suppliers
5. Cleaning and sanitizing properly
Homework and your project require that you?
Work in a timely manner
There are _________ possible points in this course.
1,150 points
How many points will be deducted for each day a homework assignment is late?
1 point
No homework will be accepted after __________ days.
December 9, 2011