FSMA Regulations

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Over the past decade the United States has made efforts in keeping food safe for the consumer. Specifically by enacting the 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) amended the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic act.1 Since nearly 80% of food supply in the U.S is controlled by the FDA,1 preventable problems arise daily including food-borne illnesses and contaminated food. Shortly after these reoccurring events, consumers convinced congress to put into effect a law that requires food safety practices to be implemented by the food industry. 1 FDA became responsible of preventing food safety problems by effectively detecting and responding to food safety issues while improving the safety of imported foods. …show more content…
Due to the FDA missing statutory deadlines, a lawsuit was filed in August of 2012, asking the courts to provide a timeline for completion upon the seven critical regulations.1 By February 2014 a consent decree established that the FDA must submit seven foundational regulations to the Federal Register by certain deadlines.1 The FDA’s Human Food Regulation was designed to create a food safety system that makes risk-based preventive controls a new norm in all parts of the food system for the future.1 The Animal Food Regulation was created to give humans the idea that animal food is safe for consumption by animals or humans and will not harm or cause illness to the consumer.1 The Produce regulation is focused on imported produce, specifically fruits and vegetables that are raw and unprocessed.1 It establishes that safe production during growing, harvesting, packing and holding of fruits and vegetables is taking place. It is estimated that 330,000 food-borne illnesses caused by microbial contamination will be prevented per year. Foreign suppliers of imported foods have to assure that the food meets food safety guidelines for hazard …show more content…
The USDA is authorized by the OFPA to prepare a “National List” of synthetic chemicals allowed during production of organic products.2 The Secretary of USDA must meet with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to approve the list of chemicals allowed in organics. It is crucial that the USDA proves these chemicals are necessary for production and also human health will not be harmed in the consumption of these chemicals.2 The OFPA was delegated by congress to the USDA; in turn the functions were delegated to a sub-agency, the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS).2 Ensuring that organically produced products are up to standards and appropriately labeled is a function of the AMS.
The National Organic Program (NOP) was created in 2002 by the USDA and refers to the organization, standards and rules of the NOP

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