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Type L and Type K

2 types of copper that can be used for medical gas piping

1/2" pipe

Minimum size of copper tube permitted for medical gas distribution pipe

Oil or Grease

Medical gas piping must be free of these

Threaded Fittings

Small diameter piping under 1/2" may be joined

Silver Brazing

Approved method of joining copper tube and fittings

Dissimilar metals

You should use flux when joining


Gas that must be present in the piping system while joints are being brazed

1.8 M (6')

Maximum horizontal support spacing for 1/2"

2.4 M (8')

Maximum horizontal support spacing for 3/4"

Green lettering/ white background

Colour coding for oxygen piping should be

White or silver lettering/ black background

Colour coding for nitrogen piping should be

Trisodium phosphate and sodium carbonate

Approved cleaning materials for degreasing copper tube and fittings

1030 kPa (150 psi)

Minimum test pressure for a medical gas distribution system

415 kPa (60 psi)

Maximum test pressure for a medical vacuum system

827 kPa ( 120 psi)

Minimum test pressure for a nitrogen system designed to operate at 120 psi

Ambient pressure

During a 24 hour test, is any pressure fluctuation permitted in a medical gas piping system

Oil free air or oil free nitrogen

A cross connection test on each medical gas piping systems use

Back up system

All medical gas piping systems and medical vacuum systems must have one in case of power failure or low supply in the primary system

Reciprocating Compressor

The most common compressor

Water, Air, Dirt

Compressed air may have impurities such as

Pneumatic systems

Another name for compressed air system


Coolers the air between stages of a two staged compressor 10 degrees

Amount of water in atmosphere

What is relative humidity

multi stage compressor

Has more then one Cylinder

Dew point

When air reaches 100% humidity

Down stream of receiver tank

Where are air dryers installed


Pressure drop in a compressed air system should not exceed

Dirt pockets for automatic drains

what component is an air outlet installed with

Receiver, relief valve, drain, pressure guage

Air receiver tanks should be equipped with

Decrease pressure

Unloaders for compressors are used to

Belt driven

Most compressors are

Black iron pipe

Materials (pipe) used for compressed air systems

15 PSI

Pressure switches usually have a differential pressure of

Reciprocating compressor

Piston type compressors are also known as

Suction inlet to the compressor

Pre filters are installed at the

Compressor and recevier

Aftercoolers are installed between