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Consumer Behavior
The process involved when individuals or groups select, purchase, use, and dispose of goods, services, ideas, or experiences to satisfy their needs and desires
Problem recognition
the process that occurs whenever the consumer sees a signifigant difference between his or her current state of affairs and some desired or ideal state, this recognition initiates the decision making process
Information Search
The process whereby a consumer searches for appropriate information to make a reasonable decision
Clickstream analysis
A means of measuring a web sites success by tracking customers movement aroiund the company web site
Behavioral targeting
The marketing practice by which marketers deliver advertisements for products a consumer is looking for by watching what the consumer does online
evaluative criteria
The dimensions used by consumers to compare competing product alternatives
A mental rule of thumb that leads to a speedy decision by simplifying the process
Brand loyalty
A pattern of repeat product purchases accompanied by an underlying positive attitude toward the brand, that is based on the belief that the brand makes products superior to those of its competition
Consumer satisfaction/dissatisfaction
The overall feelings or attitude a person has about a product after purchasing it
Cognitive dissonance
The anxiety or regret a consumer may feel after choosing from among several similar attractive choices
the process by which people select, organize, and interpret information from the outside world
An internal state that drives us to satisfy needs by activating goal oriented behavior
A relatively permanent change in behavior by aquired information or experience
A learned predisposition to respond favorably or unfavorably to stimuli on the bases of relativiley enduring evaluations of people, objects and issues
The set of unique physchological characteristics that consistently influences the way a person responds to situations in the environment
Family life cycle
A means of characterizing consumers within a family structure on the basis of different stages through which people pass as they grow old
The pattern of living that determines how people choose to spend their time, money, and energy and that reflects their values, tastes, and preferences
The values, beliefs, customs, and tastes valued by a group of people
A group within a society whose members share a distinctive set of beliefs, characterisics, or common experience
Social Class
Overall rank or social standing of groups of people within a society according the the value assigned to factors such as family background, education, occupation, income
Reference Group
An actual or imaginary group that has signifigant effect on an individuals evaluations, aspirations, or behavior
Consumer to consumer e commerce
Communications and purchases that occur among individuals without directly involving the manufacturer or retailer
Business to business marketing
The marketing of goods and services that business and organizational customers need to produce other goods and services for resale or to support their operations
Derived demand
demand for business or organizational products caused by demand for consumer goods or services
Inelastic Demand
Demand in which changes in price have little to no affect on the amount demanded