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Marketing information system
A process that determines what information marketing managers need and then gathers, sorts, analyzes, stores,and distributes relevant and timely marketing information to system users
An internal corporate communication network that uses internet technologies to link company departments, employees, and databases
Marketing Intelligence system
A method by which marketers get information about everyday happeings in the marketing environment
Possible future situation that futurists use to assess the likely impact of alternative marketing strategies
Marketing Research
The process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting date about customers, competitors, and the business environment in order to improve marketing effectiveness
Syndicated reseatch
Research by firms that collect date on a regular basis and dell the reports to multiple firms
Custom Research
Research conducted for a single firm to provide specific information its managers need
Marketing decision support system
The date, analysis software, and interactive software that allow managers to conduct analyses and find the information they need
Data Mining
Sophisticared analysis techniques to take advantage of the massive amount of transaction information now available
Research Design
A plan the specifies what information marketers will collect and what type of study they will do
Secondary Data
Data that have been collected for some purpose other than the problem at hand
Primary Data
Data from research conducted to help in making a specific decision
Exploratory research
A technique that marketers use to generate insight for future, more rigorous studies
Consumer Interview
One on One discussion between a consumer and a researcher
Focus Group
A product oriented discussion amount a small group of consumers led by a trained moderator
Prohective technique
A test that marketers use to explore people underlying feelings about a product especially appropriate when consumers are unable or unwilling to express their true reaction
Case study
A comprehensive examination of a particular firm or organization
Ethnographic study
A detailed report of people in their own homes or communities
Descriptive research
A tool that probes more systematically into the problem and bases its conclusions on large numbers of observations
Cross sectional design
A type of descriptive technique that involves the systematic collection of quantitative information
Longitudinal design
A design that tracks the responses of the same sample of respondents over time
Casual Research
A teachnique that attempts to understand cause and effect relationships
A technique that test prespecified relationships among variables in a controlled environment
The use of the telephone to sell directly to consumers and business customers
Mall Intercept
A study in which researchers recruit shoppers in malls or other public areas
Unobtrusive measure
measuring traces of physical evidence that remain after some action has been taken
THe extent to which research actually measures what it intended to measure
The extent to which consumers in a study are similar to a larger group in which the organization has an intrest
The process of selecting respondents for a study
Text file inserted by a web site sponsor into a web surfer hard drive that allows the site to track the surfers moves
Probability sample
A sample in which each member of the population has some known chance of being included
Nonprobability sample
A sample in which personal judgement is used in selecting respondents
Convenience sample
A nonprobability sample composed of individuals who just happen to be available when and where the date are being collected
Back Translation
The process of translating material to a foreign language and then back to the original language