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"nervous system"
"a network of cells that carries info to and from all pints of body"
"life science deals w/ structure & functions of neurons
"specialized cell that recieves/sends messages ‚ fires in all or none fashion"
"branches that receive messages from other neurons"
"cell body of neuron"
"part of cell that sends messages (tube like)"
"glial cells"
"gray fatty cells: provide support for neurons to grow
"fatty substances produced by glial cells that coat axons to insulate them"
"bundles of axons that ravel together throughout body"
"resting potential"
"state of neuron when not firing"
"action potential"
"release of neural impulse ‚ consists of a reversla of the elec. Charge within ion"
"all or none"
"neurons are either on or off ‚ never 1/2"
"axon terminals"
"branches at end of axon"
"synaptic knob"
"rounded areas at end of axon terminal"
"synaptic vesciles"
"sack like structure found inside synaptic knob containing chemicals"
"chamical in vescile that when released has effect on next cell"
"microscopic fluid filled space between know and dendrite of next cell"
"receptor site"
"holes in surface of dendrites- shaped to fit specific neurotransmitters"
"excitory synapse"
"synapse at which a neurotransmitter causes receiving cell to fire"
"inhibitory synapse"
"same as excitory but causes it to stop firing"
"mimic/enhance effect of NT on receptor site ‚ diff. Signal"
"reduces effects of NTS ‚ no signal"
"Nts are taken back into the vescile"
"Central Nervous System"
"Brain and Spinal cord (CNS)"
"spinal cord"
"long bundle of neurons ‚ carries messages between body / brain"
"afferent (sensory neurons)"
"carries info from senses to CNS"
"efferent (motor) neurons"
"from CNS to muscles"
"in center of spinal cord. Recieves form afferent & sends to muscles via efferent"
"reflex arc"
"connection of afferent to inter to efferent. Causes a reflex action"
"ability within brain to constantly change structure/function of a cell b/c of trauma"
"stem cells"
"special cells that can create new cells when needed"
"peripheral NS (PNS)"
"all nerves/neurons not in brain/spinal cord --- PNS has 2 parts Auto/Somatic. Auto has para and sympa."
"autonomic NS"
"division of PNS that controls all involuntary muscles"
"sensory pathway"
"nerves coming from senses to CNS ‚ consists of afferent neurons"
"motor pathway"
"nerves from CNS to voluntary muscles- all efferent neurons"
"sympathetic division"
"part of ANS that responds to stressful events & bodily arousal (fight or flight)"
"parasympathetic division"
"part of ANS that restores body to normal functions after arousal"
"deep lesioning"
"insertion of thin insulated wire into brain to destroy brain cells"
"machine that measures brain wave patterns"
"computer controlled xrays of brain"
"radio/magnetic waves used to make detailed images of brain"
"measures location of brain activity"
"large swelling at top of spnal cord. Responsible for life saving functions like breating
"larger swelling above medulla. Connects top/bottom of brain ‚ sleep/dreaming/left-right coordination."
"reticular formation"
"neurons running through medulla & pons that is responsible for selective attention"
"part of lower brain behind pons. Involuntary
"limbic system"
"group of structures under cortex. Learning
"Small- below thalamus. Motivational behavior like sleep
"curved structure located within each temporal lobe
"near hippocamppus
"outermost covering of brain. Consists of densely packed neurons. Higher thought processes and interpretation of sensory output"
"cerebral hemisphere"
"2 sections of cortex on left/right sides"
"corpus callosum"
"think band of neurons that connects right/left hemisphere"
"occipital lobe"
"visual center of brain. rear/bottom"
"parietal lobes"
"somatosensory cortex"
"neurons running down front of parietal lobes ‚ processes info from skin
"temporal lobes"
"area of cortex behind temples ‚ neurons responsible for hearing & meaningful speech"
"frontal lobes"
"front/top of brain. Higher mental processes
"motor cortex"
"section of frontal lobe ‚ sends motor commands to SNS."
"association areas"
"each lobe in cortex responsible for coordination/interpretation of info & higher mental processing"
"brocas aphasia"
"disease resulting in damage to broca's area. Results in ability to understand & produce meaningful speech."
"spatial neglect"
"damage to association area of right hemisphere ‚ inability to recognize objects in left field"
"upper part of brain ‚ 2 hemispheres & connectors"
"endocrine glands"
"glands that secrete hormones directly into bloodstream"
"pituatory gland"
"in brain ‚ secretes HGH & controls all other glands"
"pineal gland"
"near base of cerebrum ‚ secretes melatonin"
"thyroid gland"
"in neck ‚ regulates metabolism"
"controls levels of sugar in blood"
"regulates sexual development / behavior & reproduction"
"adrenal glands"
"on top of each kidney. Secretes over 30 hormones. stress/salt intake/sexual hormones"
"mirror neurons"
"neurons that fire when one performs an action & one observes same action performed by other"
"excitory neurotransmitter"
"causes receiving cell to fire"