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Psychological Disorders

-Deviant, Distressful, and Dysfunctional

-Behaviour Patterns


-Psychological Disorder

-appearance by Age 7

-of One/More Key Symptoms:

1. extreme inattention

2. Hyperactivity

3. Impulsivity


-The American Psychiatric Association's

-Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th edition)

-Widely used System for Classifying Psychological Disorders

Anxiety Disorders

-Psychological Disorders

-Characterized by:

1. Distressing, Persistent anxiety or

2. Maladaptive behaviours that reduce anxiety

Dissociative Disorders

-Disorder in which Conscious Awareness is Separated (dissociated) from

-Past Memories, Thoughts, and Feelings

Somatoform Disorders

-Psychological Disorder

-Symptoms take Somatic (bodily) form

-Without apparent Physical Cause

Mood Disorders

-Psychological Disorders

-Characterized by Emotional Extremes

Bipolar Disorder

-Mood Disorder

-Alternates between:

1. hopelessness and lethargy of depression and

2. overexcited state of mania

-was called: manic-depressive disorder