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For Horney, it is what a person experiences ___ that determines if he or she will have psychological problems.

A) financially

B) emotionally

C) socially

D) biologically


Like Freud, Horney stressed the importance of...

A) biological drives

B) early childhood experiences

C) the psychosexual stages of development

D) all of the above

Early childhood experiences

Like Adler, Horney believed the child starts life with...

A) a powerful sex drive

B) an attraction to the parent of the opposite sex

C) a feeling of helplessness

D) all of the above

A feeling of helplessness

According to Horney, if the child's needs for safety and satisfaction are satisfied, the child will..

A) probably develop normally

B) probably become neurotic

C) become pampered

D) not develop the stress tolerance necessary to survive in modern society

Probably develop normally

Which of the following did Horney refer to as the basic evil?

A) not satisfying a child's biological needs

B) having more than three children

C) anything that parents do that undermines a child's security

D) all of the above

Anything that parents do that undermines the child's security

The child who experiences the basic evil develops___ toward his or her parents.

A) basic hostility

B) feelings of love

C) feelings of revenge

D) uncertainty

Basic hostility

When basic hostility generalizes to the entire world and all of its people it is called...

A) basic anxiety

B) very basic hostility

C) neurosis

D) the basic evil

Basic anxiety

When the child is convinced that everything and everyone in the world is potentially dangerous, he or she is experiencing..

A) basic hostility

B) basic anxiety

C) helplessness

D) neurosis

Basic anxiety

According to Horney, a child with basic anxiety is well on his or her way to becoming a ....

A) corporate executive

B) psychopath

C) neurotic

D) more than one of the above


The normal person tends to...


A) move toward people

B) move against people

C) move away from people

D) all of the above

move toward people

move against people

move away from people


According to Horney, what does the normal person have much more of than the neurotic?

A) money

B) friends

C) problems

D) flexibility


According to Horney, if people live in accordance with their____ they are on the road to self - realization.

A) idealized selves

B) neurotic needs

C) real selves

D) more than one of the above

real selves

According to Horney, problems result when the ____is replaced by the____as a guide for living.

A) idealized self; real self

B) real self; idealized self

C) tyranny of the should; idealized self

D) idealized self; tyranny of the should

real self; idealized self

The tyranny of the should is closely related to the neurotic's...

A) real self

B) despised self

C) idealized self

D) actualized self

Idealized self

Horney's concept of____is similar to Freud's concept of denial of reality.

A) compartmentalization

B) rationalization

C) elusiveness

D) blind spots

Blind spots

In her early writings, Horney maintains that men..

A) Envy the capacity for female motherhood.

B) Resent the fact that they are expected to "preform" during sexual intercourse.

C) Have "deeply hidden anxiety" about the size of their penises.


-Envy the capacity for female motherhood.

-Resent the fact that they are expected to "preform" during sexual intercourse.

-Have "deeply hidden anxiety" about the size of their penises.


Horney believed that females are...

A) anatomy is destiny

B) females are biologically inferior to males

C) females are culturally inferior to males

D) more than one of the above

Females are culturally inferior to males

As far as psychotherapy is concerned, Horney was strongly impressed by Freud's concept of...

A) penis envy

B) transference

C) the collective unconscious

D) projection


According to Horney, the major goal of psychotherapy is to..

A) replace the real self with the idealized self

B) replace the idealized self with the real self

C) strengthen the clients auxiliary mechanisms

D) strengthen the client's ability to externalize

replace the idealized self with the real self

Horney believed that in the self-analysis____was very important.

A) free association

B) transference

C) the overcoming of resistances

D) all of the above

free association


the overcoming of resistances