Sigmund Freud's Stages Of Psychosexual Development

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When it comes to the development of personality, Sigmund Freud is almost certainly the most famous theorist who has lived from 1856 to 1939. In his Psychosexual developmental theory has five stages and completed in a prearranged series and can result in either a successful completion or a healthy personality or it may result in failure and due to this it will lead to an unhealthy personality. Also this theory is very controversial, as Freud believed that humans develop through different stages based upon a particular erogenous zone. It means that during each stage, due to an unsuccessful completion that child become fixated on that particular erogenous zone and either over or under go once he or she becomes an adult.
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Fathimath Rafeeu /Student ID- 5586- Adolescence and Learning- Assignment -1
Freud’s Stages of Psychosexual Development Oral Stage (from birth – 18 months)
According to (Heffner, 2015), the first stage in the
Psychosexual development theory is the oral stage where the child focuses on oral pleasures (sucking). Too much or too little gratification may result in an oral fixation or oral behavior of the child which is evidenced by an obsession with oral activities. And this may result a stronger propensity to smoke, drink alcohol, over eat, biting nails. These individuals may also become very much dependent upon other people, easy to fool and they will also continue their followers. On the other hand they may also fight these urges and develop violence, anger or aggression towards others. So parents should give very much importance to their babies at this very first stage and give regular
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Fathimath Rafeeu /Student ID- 5586- Adolescence and Learning- Assignment -1
Anal Stage (18 months to three years)
In this stage the child’s center of pleasure is on eliminating and retaining feces. In this stage the child has to learn to control anal stimulation through society’s pressure and mainly due to parents.
According to (Green, 2015), basically the ego starts to develop in this stage. It starts to reign in the id. The ego is always dealing with having you interact with reality. Freud believed baby sexual pleasure centered on the anus at this time. According to Freud as cited in (Green, 2015), in

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