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Adler's early position was that individuals with some sort of physical weakness attempt to..

A) gain sympathy

B) compensate for it

C) repress it

D) suppress it

Compensate for it

The person with low intelligence who becomes a highly respected intellectual exemplifies...

A) repression

B) overcompensation

C) compensation

D) neurosis


Adler emphasized the fact that all human beings begin life with..

A) feelings of inferiority

B) unconscious inferiority

C) the concept of repression

D) organ inferiority

Feelings of inferiority

Due mainly to the cultural conditions under which Adler wrote, he equated power and strength with..

A) money

B) education

C) size

D) masculinity


If a person is overwhelmed by feelings of inferiority to the point where he or she is prevented from accomplishing very much, he or she is said to have...

A) a superiority complex

B) feminine protest

C) masculine protest

D) an inferiority complex

An inferiority complex

If a person concentrates too much on developing his or her own superiority while ignoring the needs of others and of society, he or she is said to have..

A) an inferiority complex

B) a superiority complex

C) masculine protest

D) feminine protest

A superiority complex

For Adler, which of the following is the most important determinant of behavior?

A) physical reality

B) socioeconomic status

C) subjective reality

D) physical inferiority

Subjective reality

Humans will typically develop beliefs and then act "as if" those beliefs are true. This describes Adler's concept of...

A) fictional finalism

B) existential imagination

C) the creative self

D) social interest

Fictional finalism

In terms of when they occur in a person's life, which of the following depicts the proper sequence?

A) worldview-->fictional finalism-->lifestyle

B) worldview-->lifestyle-->fictional finalism

C) fictional finalism-->worldview-->lifestyle

D) lifestyle-->worldview-->fictional finalism

Worldview--->Fictional Finalism--->Lifestyle

According to Adler, neurotic individuals treat fictional life plans as..

A) reality

B) unreal

C) useful but expendable tools

D) all of the above


According to Adler, any lifestyle that is not aims at socially useful goals is..

A) fictional

B) communistic

C) uncreative

D) mistaken


According to Adler, if a person lacks sufficient social interest he or she will probably become..

A) neurotic

B) wealthy and powerful

C) more masculine

D) more feminine


Which of the following types of people exemplifies a faulty lifestyle?

A) the ruling-dominant type

B) the avoiding type

C) the getting-leaning type

D) all of the above

The ruling-dominant type

The avoiding type

The getting-leaning type


Of all the errors that parents can make in their child-rearing practices, Adler considered___to be the worst.

A) pampering

B) using physical punishment

C) neglecting

D) establishing unattainable standards


___involves judging people with standards so high that no real person can live up to them.

A) solicitude

B) distancing

C) excuses

D) idealization


___involves blaming others for one's shortcomings and seeking revenge against them.

A) accusation

B) depreciation

C) solicitude

D) self-accusation


According to Adler, healthy individuals have a well-developed____; unhealthy individuals do not.

A) social interest

B) lifestyle

C) creative self

D) fictional finalism

Social interest

Which of the following did Adler refer to as an "entrance gate to mental life"?

A) birth order

B) first memories

C) dreams

D) all of the above

Birth order

First memories



Of all the birth orders, Adler believed that the___ born was best off.

A) first

B) second

C) third

D) last


Which child often has a sense of superiority and the sense that the world is a dangerous place?

A) first born

B) second born

C) youngest

D) only child

Only child